Who is Lul Pab? Dead Or Alive, What Happened, Funeral, Obituary News

We are unable to look up any precise information about him at this time because we do not know with certainty when he was born. Additionally, his mother and father’s identities have not yet been made public and we haven’t heard anything about them in regard to his son’s inefficiency.

It can be difficult to get comprehensive information about him online because his private life is currently not well-documented online.

Is Lul Pab Dead Or Alive?

Lul Pab is indeed dead. Both Lul Pab and his friend Quando Rondo were shot and wounded in Los Angeles. Quando, who is currently in a stable state but finally died, fared better than Lul, who did not.

What happened to Lul Pab?

A shooting on August 19, 2022 in Los Angeles claimed the life of Lul Pab, a close friend of the rapper Quando Rondo.

During the action, Quando was also shot, but thanks to others’ protection, he was unharmed. The hip-hop musician was taken to the emergency hospital and started receiving treatment there. His emotional state was completely destroyed as a result of seeing his colleague die right in front of him. Through various means, the rapper’s buddies communicated with him and pushed him to keep his cool.

Lul Pab’s Funeral

There is no info about his funeral details on the web.The case is still running and police is collecting every possible trace of the victim.

About Lul Pab Obituary News

It can be difficult to locate specific information on him online at the time because his private life is not well-documented online. The fact that this is the situation prevents us from giving you any current information about his life. We will trade anything associated with him once we have finished our thorough research into him.


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