Who is Maria Camila? Colombian Girl Missing, Found Dead, What Happened?

Mara Camila Osorio Serrano, a professional tennis player from Colombia, was born on December 22, 2001. The Women’s Tennis Association has placed her as high as No. 33 in singles and No. 278 in doubles (WTA). She has won three singles championships on the ITF Women’s Circuit and one singles title on the WTA Tour.

Colombian Girl Missing!

A young woman who vanished was found dead in the most horrific way possible during a gathering in El Bager, Colombia’s Antioquia province. Maria Camila Villalba Espetia, just 17 years old, has been identified as the missing person. Her family desperately wanted to find her.

Maria Camila Found dead!

Later, however, when a dreadful video revealing the awful end of adolescence began to circulate on social media, all chances of finding Maria Camila alive were destroyed.
Before the video, a picture of the young woman who was photographed by strangers circulated, and since she was wearing the same clothes in the video, it was possible to confirm that it was actually her.

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What Happened to Maria?

The young lady was recognised from the video because she was dressed similarly to the one that had been circulating before it was made public.

The deceased young woman’s stomach is among the organs that are taken from her body in the film by unidentified men.

Stechitegist media was able to collect video that revealed both Camila’s desecrated body and another man’s decapitated head.

So that they could also sleep after this nightmare, Maria Camila’s family made every effort to find her body and give her a decent Christian burial.


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