Who is Suga? Rap Speed, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth 2022

Suga (stylized in all caps) and Agust D[A] are professional stage names used by South Korean rapper, composer, and record producer Min Yoon-gi (Korean: ; born March 9, 1993). He made his debut in 2013 as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, who is managed by Big Hit Music. Agust D, his debut solo mixtape, was released in 2016. He re-released the mixtape in 2018 for digital download and streaming. On the World Albums Chart of Billboard, the reissue peaked at number three. He released D-2, his second solo mixtape, in 2020. The mixtape reached its highest point commercially at positions 11 on the US Billboard 200, 7 on the UK Albums Chart, and 2 on the Australian ARIA Album Chart.

Over 100 tracks, including Suran’s “Wine,” which reached at number two on the Gaon Music Chart and won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the 2017 Melon Music Awards, are credited to Suga as a songwriter and producer by the Korea Music Copyright Association.

Suga’s Rap Speed

Irritatingly, but that diatribe is for another day, some underground rappers in Korea claim that idols can’t be true rappers. However, if you examine Bangtan’s rap line and their abilities, they actually hold their own against the mainstream. For instance, Suga is capable of some really quick verses if you’ve ever listened to one of BTS’ cyphers. Let’s compare Min Yoongi’s actual speed to that of the rest of the “genuine” rap scene.

Syllables per second are used to gauge rap speed.

Let us first explain what a syllable is.

A syllable is a unit of pronunciation that consists solely of vowels, with or without consonants. A consonant alone will never be considered a syllable.

And it functions across all languages!

I’ll now explain Min Yoongi’s rap speed. Arrow downward

Let’s examine some of Yoongi’s fastest raps to determine how many syllables he can rap in a single second. In case you need a reminder, I felt free to cut and paste his verse from each song I utilised.

About Suga’s Wife

His marital status is unmarried till now so we can’t provide any information about his wife.

Suga’s Girlfriend

Another member of BTS who might have a girlfriend is Suga. The rapper is often reticent and one of the most private people when it comes to his personal life. However, a picture that allegedly shows the singer in a relationship is making the rounds on social media.

Because of images that have been circulating online, Min Yoongi and Taehyung of BTS have been the subject of love rumours. In the rapper’s instance, a picture of a young man with features that are quite similar to those of the rapper, including long hair.

The photo, which depicts a female sitting on the lap of a young man who resembles Suga, has caught the attention of some fans because they are curious about where it originated from, whether it is simply a random individual, or whether it is intended to stir up speculations. The young lady has been compared by some to a staff member who is shown in the backstage photos from his most recent shows in the United States.

Despite the rumours, the rapper—who is one of the group’s elder members—might be seeing someone, but, like K-Pop idols, he keeps his personal affairs entirely private.

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Suga Net Worth 2022

Before joining BTS, the group’s lead rapper worked in music production. He has collaborated with numerous foreign musicians, including Halsey for “SUGA’s Interlude” in 2019, and he has also taken part in solo projects under the alias Agust D.

According to sources, Suga, the second-richest member of BTS, has a net worth of over USD $25 million. Over 70 songs by BTS, IU, Psy, and other artists were written and produced by the rapper. He has also worked with Korean musicians such as Heize, Epik High, and Reflow.


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