Who is Yoni Barrios? Illegal, Los Vegas Stabbing Suspect, What Happened

Yoni Barrios is a well-known criminal who murdered many people in the past. Even declared a “Madman” by the police individuals. His criminal activities keep on increasing with time.

Illegal, Los Vegas Stabbing Suspect, What Happened?

An insane person wielding a kitchen knife killed a Las Vegas elementary school teacher and injured eight others while going on the rampage on the city’s famous strip.

In the attack, which also saw four showgirls hacked in broad daylight, Maris Mareen Digiovanni, 30, and Brent Allan Hallett, 47, both perished.

Yoni Barrios, 32, has been detained by police and is facing murder charges.

On Thursday, at 11:40 a.m. local time, the horror began.

When the knifeman attacked, the performers were mingling with tourists in front of the Wynn Casino.

Last night, Maris’ grieving brother paid tribute to his cherished sister. The 30-year-old previously held a position as a teacher at Las Vegas’ 9th Bridge School.

She earned her education degree from Washington State University and has experience teaching preschool and primary students in Bahrain and Hong Kong.

It is with great grief as we say farewell to my incredible little sister and say “see you later,” her brother Gage DiGiovanni stated. Maris was one of the eight persons who were tragically and randomly stabbed today in Las Vegas.

For our family and her spouse, kindly pray. She touched your lives as she did ours, and we appreciate the time to grieve in the days to come.

Maris Mareen Digiovanni, 30, was stabbed to death in the broad daylight attack
The 30-year-old (pictured) previously held a position as a teacher at Las Vegas’ 9th Bridge School.

Barrios is believed to have acted alone, and investigators think it was an isolated event, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The street performers on the strip are worried about their safety as a result of this attack. Barrios, who did not reside in Las Vegas, allegedly claimed the showgirls he was a chef and wanted to take a picture with them while brandishing a kitchen knife.

According to a woman who claimed four of the injured showgirls worked for her, the stabbings began when they refused.

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Captain Dori Koren, eight people suffered injuries in total. The three that are still alive are doing well.

According to Koren, Barrios was apprehended “quite soon.”

Dewaun Turner, 47, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he saw two showgirls running and screaming as the knifeman chased them. Turner saw five of the stabbings firsthand.

After getting stabbed, one was on the ground while the other made an attempt to flee. But the knifeman also attacked her while pursuing her.

The man then stabbed another man who was strolling with a woman. Then Turner observed him stab two more women, one by one.

According to later media statements made by Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, victims include tourists.

Deputy Chief James LaRochelle of the Metropolitan Police Department stated during the press conference that the suspect began stabbing without being provoked.

He said that footage showed the man fleeing the first scene and sprinting down Las Vegas Boulevard toward Sands Boulevard is in the hands of the authorities.

Security personnel at Sands restrained Barrios until the cops arrived.

Geli Woods, the owner of Mystique Showgirls, told KTNV after the stabbing that she routinely advises her staff to remain vigilant when working the strip and protect themselves with pepper spray.

My girls frequently stroll down that street, Woods added. We frequently go there. It was possible that it was us.

She continued, “I’ve had some of my staff members decide they don’t want to perform as showgirls any longer, and I honestly can’t blame them because it’s a scary environment. Owner of Stardust Starlets Bobi Jo Milstead largely mirrored their ideas.

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She admitted to being really disturbed, as were all the other girls, to KSNV. It’s terrible because anyone could experience it.

It’s a challenging situation, Milstead added. I’m aware that some girls have used pepper spray and tasers on individuals who are simply abusing them. Considering them to be property when they are not. They may be dressed up and presentable, but they are not of this world.

“As you can imagine, we have scores of witnesses to continue obtaining statements from, and we have a number of video surveillance we have to get through in the near future,” LaRochelle said in a statement to the media.

According to a brief video played at the press conference, the perpetrator stabbed the showgirls before moving south and stabbing a second victim, according to LaRochelle.

Before his arrest, he was sought after by witnesses. Police rushed to the Venetian resort, and the insane knifeman—whose sleeves were covered in blood—was apprehended.

At least one victim was taken to University Medical Center, where weeping family members were seen entering.

“We wanted to convey our profound sympathies to the relatives of the victims and to the victims themselves,” LaRochelle stated during the press conference. This is obviously an extremely tragic and challenging murder investigation that has a significant impact on our community, he continued. Montrealer Maxime Wallace, a visitor, reported: “A man just started cutting and stabbing.” Since everything happened so quickly, seeing was difficult.

According to Pierre Fandrich of 13 Action News, the showgirls he believed he heard laughing were actually screaming. He imagined one of them had fallen from a nearby bridge until he noticed the blood.

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Through a translator, Fandrich stated in a different interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “There was one showgirl on the ground.”

Another showgirl was on top of her, attempting to save her companion, he continued. She appeared to have been stabbed in the back but was too busy assisting the other showgirl to notice.

Ten officers were pictured earlier, possibly searching for a weapon outside the Wynn casino. Following the attack, other casinos in the neighborhood reportedly closed their entrances.

The public was quickly informed about the incident, but officials were quick to reassure them that there was no longer a threat. Although the nearby hotels remained open, the numerous closures made it difficult for many people to move throughout the region.


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