Who was Michelle Schofield? Who Killed Her? Was She Murdered?

One of the two primary characters of the American television programme Prison Break is a fictional character named Michael Scofield, who is portrayed by actor Wentworth Miller. His first appearance was in the pilot episode of the show, where he purposefully sent himself to prison in order to free his older brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), who was about to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit. The two brothers and Michael’s scheme to assist Lincoln avoid death are central to the first season’s plot. Later seasons describe their life on the run and their investigation into the circumstances surrounding Lincoln’s detention.Michael has appeared in each episode of the series as the main character. Lincoln and Michael are the show’s major characters, but Michael has had more screen time than Lincoln, particularly in the first and third seasons.

Who Killed Michelle Schofield?

Leo Schofield, Michelle’s husband, is said to be to blame for her passing by the state of Florida. If you asked Schofield, he would likely give you a different account. In a 20/20 interview, Schofield said to reporter Amy Robach, “The innocent person had no involvement, no plan, was unaware that it was taking place, didn’t anticipate it, and didn’t want it to. I am that.”

Was She Murdered?

According to WTSP, Michelle Schofield, then 18 years old, left the restaurant where she was working at 8:15 p.m. on February 24, 1987. According to ABC News, she placed a call from a petrol station close to the restaurant at 9:45 p.m. What Michelle did between leaving work and placing this call is unknown. Leo Schofield, her husband, who worked a short distance away and was then 21 years old, was scheduled to be picked up by her. He became concerned when she failed to arrive.

Michelle was reported missing by Schofield at 12:43 a.m. because no one knew what had happened to her. Schofield was placed on hold during the 911 call and was unaware that the call was still being recorded. He can be heard talking to one of his friends. “She was on her way here, which is why I’m having strange dreams, dude. She usually doesn’t act like way, “said Schofield.

Michelle’s body was discovered in a canal in central Florida three days later. She had sustained 26 stab wounds. Contextual evidence suggested Schofield was the murderer. Leo allegedly put something substantial in the trunk of his car that evening, before driving off, according to a neighbour who called the police and reported hearing the pair fighting the night before Michelle vanished.

Schofield once allegedly threatened to kill Michelle, according to Michelle’s best pal. In 1989, Schofield was found guilty of first-degree murder after being apprehended in June 1988.

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Then, in 1991, Chrissie Carter, “a former state probation officer who later became a therapist and lectured at Schofield’s prison,” came into Schofield’s life. Carter not only thought Schofield was innocent; their relationship would eventually develop to the point of marriage and child adoption.

Carter persisted in her search until she discovered a set of unknown fingerprints in Michelle’s car, which led to her big break. They belonged to Jeremy Scott, who was already “serving a life term for a 1988 homicide.” Scott was a convicted felon.


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