Why Was Constance Wu Canceled? Abuser, Controversial Tweets, Husband, Net Worth

On “Red Table Talk,” Constance Wu will discuss being “cancelled” for tweets and allegations of sexual harassment (EXCLUSIVE)

Controversial tweets!

Constance Wu has clarified her contentious tweets from 2019 on the continuation of her programme “Fresh Off the Boat.”

Wu’s vulgar tweets at the time stunned her followers and fellow actors, and many saw Wu’s annoyance as ungratefulness.

Hate mail, death threats, and a private argument with another Asian actor who claimed she had “become a blight on the Asian American community” were among the responses that followed. Wu attempted suicide at the moment because the exchange had left her feeling so hurt.

About Constance’s Husband

Constance is not one of those famous people whose name appears in tabloids all the time. She rarely attends social parties and is typically quite discreet, thus paparazzi never caught her off guard when she was drunk. Wu, who is single, resides in Los Angeles with her cherished pet rabbit, Lida Rose.

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Constance Wu’s Net Worth

Constance Wu is an American actress with a $6 million fortune.


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