Wilfried Zaha charged with assault but not arrested in London Barnet

Wilfried Zaha charged with assault but not arrested in London Barnet
Wilfried Zaha charged with assault but not arrested in London Barnet

In London Barnet, Wilfried Zaha was charged with assault but was not arrested.

On Monday, June 4, 2022, the Premier League disclosed that one of its stars had been arrested. The footballer was charged with raping a lady in her twenties in the London borough of Barnet. However, the name of the player has not been revealed.

As a result of the shocking disclosure, numerous London football stars, primarily from Arsenal and Tottenham, have grown skeptical. Internet trolls have also targeted Crystal Place attacker Wilfried Zaha. Was he detained by police on Monday morning?

Was Wilfried Zaha imprisoned in Barnet, London? Fans are worried.

Wilfried Zaha, the mystery Premier League player detained in Barnet, London, could be him. This is due to Zaha matching various descriptions of the suspect. However, no one will know until the police identify the suspect.

The suspect, according to the description, is a 29-year-old football player. He is based in North London and represents both his club and his country at the highest level. According to The Sun, the incident astonished and terrified everyone at the players’ club.

Except for the fact that Zaha is based in South London, all of the following information is correct. Crystal Palace’s forward had just moved into a stunning new seven-bedroom mansion in Surrey.

Fans are unhappy that Wilfried Zaha is being held in the Barnet London case despite a thorough investigation.

Is Wilfried Zaha a convicted felon?

Wilfried Zaha has never faced a criminal inquiry or been arrested. As a result, there has been no official announcement of his arrest in the past.

Nonetheless, Zaha received racial internet abuse in early 2020, and the Ivorian reported the matter to the police. After the investigation, a 12-year-old child was jailed and later released.

We received a report today of a series of racist statements directed against a footballer, and after investigating and conducting checks, we arrested a young person.
Updates on the footballer charged in Barnet, London

More details about the suspected Premier League player being held in Barnet have emerged.

According to the Sports Bible, the individual was apprehended at about 3 a.m. on Monday. Six police cars arrived at his mansion early in the morning.

A Premier League footballer, 29, has been detained on suspicion of rape in North London.

Do you know who the player is? RT and provide a clear response

29 years old, slated to compete in the World Cup, arrested in the Netherlands, residing in Barnet, players out of season

The player in question plays for one of the finest Premier League clubs. The incident, according to the woman, occurred while she was on holiday in the Mediterranean. She has also provided police with images of her bruises, which are being investigated. The accused player will miss Premier League games as well as the club’s pre-season trip.

In light of the continuing controversy, netizens have begun to construct a rape case by listing specific players who match the suspect’s descriptions. Some of the names that have surfaced include Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Ben Davies, Lucas Moura, Xhaka, and Thomas Partey.


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