Yrma Lydya Wikipedia, Biografia, Gamboa Edad, Esposo

Latest Details About Yrma Lydya Wikipedia, Biografia, Gamboa Edad, Esposo and everything you need to know!

Yrma Lydya Wikipedia, Biografia, Gamboa Edad, Esposo
Yrma Lydya Wikipedia, Biografia, Gamboa Edad, Esposo

According to news reports, Jess Hernández, 79, murdered his wife, and the assailant was identified as Yrma Lydya Gamboa, a young singer, and actress.

According to Omar Garca Harfuch, the driver who was with him and the man suspected of hurting his wife are both men who are in detention.

Authorities believe that following an altercation with Yrma, the man pulled out a revolver and fired three shots at the singer after she allegedly discovered him with his lover.

Yrma Lydya Wikipedia

Yrma Lydya Gamboa, Angélica Carrasco, Mara del Sol, Mara Conchita Alonso, Alicia Villareal, Karina, Jeanette, and sweet are just a few of the outstanding stars who have appeared on the GranDiosas event.

He just shared a video of his Seor Amor performance during his tour presentation to his social media accounts last Tuesday.

One of her first big venues was Mexico City’s Esperanza Iris Theater, where she presented and sang at a cultural event. According to his private Instagram, he was born in Mexico on September 17, 2000, and referred to himself as The New Star of Mexican Music.

Yrma Lydya Biografia

NameYrma Lydya
Age25 to 30
Birth PlaceMexico
InstagramClick Here
Facebook Click Here

Yrma Lydya is a Mexican singer and performer. She worked in the music industry for 11 years. Yrma Lydya is claimed to have left a legendary past in her wake.

She had an early musical inclination, excelled in artistic gymnastics, and began singing local music at a young age.

Yrma Lydya didn’t have her own Wikipedia page when she was murdered. Throughout her career, though, she has received coverage from a variety of media sites.

She’d also performed on stage alongside well-known musicians. He revealed a week earlier that he will collaborate with the “Great Goddesses Twelve,” a group of legendary Mexican vocalists who had just performed at the Mexico City Arena. Mara Conchita Alonso, Mara del Sol, Dulce, Alicia Villareal, Angela Carrasco, and Jeanette stand out among these artists.

When Yrma was six, she discovered her passion of singing and ranchera music played on the mariachi.

She is a brilliant musician who enjoys ballet and acting and has been playing music for over 11 years. She appeared in at least 10 telenovelas, six plays, and dance initiatives with the National Dance Company, the Royal Academy of Dance, and other organizations.

How Did Yrma Lydya Edad Pass Away?

Within a few weeks, Yrma Lydya had announced that she will be collaborating with some well-known musicians as well as the Great Goddesses Twelve.

This Mexican vocal ensemble is cheerful. The Great Goddesses Twelve, which featured well-known performers such as Mara Conchita Alonso, Mara del Sol, Dulce, Alicia Villareal, Angela Carrasco, and Jeanette, also performed at the Mexico City Arena.

Yrma Lydya, a great singer, dancer, and actress, was murdered by her own husband. The singer’s husband is claimed to be the Mexican mariachi musician who murdered Yrma Lydya in the CDMX restaurant. On June 23, the man went to the Suntory restaurant.

Yrma Lydya Husband

Her partner Dulce said in an interview with the Mexican daily El Universal, “It is terribly heartbreaking when anyone’s life is ripped away, but especially a 21-year-old girl who had her life ahead of her and was so full of hopes.”

Some of her fans believe she is a divinely gifted singer, dancer, and actor with extensive experience in ballet and singing. The chamber of deputies conferred a doctorate on Yrma Lydya, and the republic’s senate bestowed the nation’s prize for tradition on her.

She got multiple prizes for her outstanding performance. Yrma Lydya has appeared in a number of television shows, including Fiesta Mexicana, Matutino Categorical, Reventon Musical, toros, Sol y Sobra, and others.

Yrma Lydya Gamboa Edad

Gamboa began singing and classical ballet instruction at the age of two; at six, she ventured to pursue opera singing skills, and at twelve, he chose the mariachi.

Agustn Lara, Javier Sols, José Alfredo Jiménez, Jorge Negrete, Mara Grever, Lola Beltrán, and other ranchera music legends influenced Yrma Lydya.

Along with the Great Goddesses, the Mexican-born singer has performed with La Internacional Sonora Santanera, Lupita Pineda, Carlos Cuevas, and Ro Roma.

According to Yrma Lydya, young people should cherish Mexico’s roots and culture, as well as prepare themselves and not let the country’s legacy die.

The artist’s most recent Facebook post was a video of her rendition of the song “Seor amor,” which she performed on stage with the Great Goddesses.

Yrma Lydya Gamboa would appear at the show on Saturday in Los Angeles, California, which bid goodbye to her in a heartfelt statement on her Instagram account.

Yrma Lydya Esposo

Singer Yrma Lydya was murdered in a restaurant by her husband. On Thursday night, the singer Yrma Lydya was slain in a restaurant by her husband, the lawyer Jes Hernández Alcocer.

A shooting within the building was reported to emergency services, according to foreign media.

According to the testimony, the singer Yrma Lydya Gamboa and her husband were arguing in one of the restaurant’s private rooms when the lawyer pulled out her revolver and fired many times.

When paramedics came, they discovered that the victim had been shot three times in the chest, resulting in his death almost quickly.

According to one of the waiters, the lawyer was inside the room with another woman when his wife came and the guns were heard.

After the bullets were fired, his lawyer and escort attempted to flee but were apprehended by police outside the restaurant.

She is a well-known performer of ranchera and mariachi music, and she recently appeared as a guest artist in the GranDiosas performance, with legendary artists such as Angélica Carrasco, Mara del Sol, Mara Conchita Alonso, Alicia Villareal, Karina, Jeanette, and Dulce.

She posted a video of her interpretation of “Seor Amor” on social media last Tuesday, during her tour presentation.

She has a lifelong love in music, was a champion of artistic gymnastics, and began singing regional music at a young age.


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