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California News Times

US plans to tighten mask guidelines for vaccinated Americans

U.S. health officials are discussing tightening mask guidelines for vaccinated Americans, which are loose as the country faces a new wave of coronavirus...
California News Times

Credit Suisse settles spy case with ex-fortune boss Iqbal Khan

Credit Suisse, a former director of Starwealth, settled one of the most explosive disputes in its history and prepared its first quarterly financial...
California News Times

UK removes post-Brexit wine import certificates

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California News Times

Big headache for Boeing as Dreamliner deliveries remain interrupted

For the past 2 years, Boeing, the popular Dreamliner widebody airliner, has been used to sell the 737 Max after it landed after...
California News Times

Universal Music enters into license agreement with Lomotif video sharing app

Vivendi's Universal Music has signed a licensing agreement with Lomotif, the Singapore-based video sharing app. Indeed, large music companies see social media...
California News Times

Axa IM to invest € 2 billion in life sciences real estate

One of the largest asset managers in the world is about to spend around € 2 billion on laboratories and specialist offices in...
California News Times

Will the Fed give any clues as to its schedule for slowing bond purchases?

Will the Fed give any hints on the timing to delay bond purchases? The Federal Reserve Board will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday...
California News Times

Tontines: a not so deadly idea

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California News Times

Regulator considers compensation for badly sold steelworkers pensions

UK financial regulators plan to unleash seldom-used powers to force financial advisers to pay compensation to thousands of steel workers who have fallen...
California News Times

‘Even Brexit wasn’t so bad’: traffic-free programs divide neighborhood

For the past 232 years, the people of Dulwich, a green neighborhood in south-east London, have undoubtedly endured being the capital's only toll...

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