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5 possible science fiction concepts (in theory)



California News Times

Sci-fi novels and movies are full of many more ideas as a starting point for action-packed adventures, rather than a serious attempt to predict future trends in science and technology. Some of the most common metaphors, like accelerating a spaceship to high speed in seconds without crushing its crew, are, in our opinion, totally impossible under the laws of physics. Yet those same laws seem to allow other seemingly distant sci-fi concepts, from wormholes to parallel universes. This is a summary of a few sci-fi ideas that you can actually implement, at least in theory.


Passing through a wormhole may be possible under certain gravitational conditions. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The idea of ​​a wormhole, a shortcut through space that allows you to move almost instantly between distant parts of the universe, sounds like it was created as a fictional story pilot. But under the more formal name of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, this concept existed as a serious theoretical concept long before science fiction writers got it. Albert Einstein‘NS General theory of relativity, What a view gravity Like a space-time distortion caused by a huge object. Einstein, in collaboration with the physicist Nathan Rosen, theorized in 1935 the following points of very strong gravity: Black hole, Can directly connect to each other. And the idea of ​​a wormhole was born.

5 possible sci-fi concepts (in theory) Source link 5 possible sci-fi concepts (in theory)

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Kitchenful meal planner startup raises $ 1.9 million from VentureFriends, Goodwater Capital and Jabbar – TechCrunch



California News Times

With the pandemic making us delivery specialists, consumers have switched to in-car meal kits, given the combination of delivery and home cooking. However, many diet kits can be rigid.

German startup Kitchenful made this possible, allowing users to browse recipes from food bloggers and create personalized meal plans that can be tailored to their tastes and dietary needs. Another product from Kitchen Full is that it tries to be just as affordable. I wrote earlier this year ..

After successfully completing the Y-Combinator Summer 2021 program, we raised $ 1.9 million in fundraising from VentureFriends, Goodwater Capital and the Jabbar Internet Group.

Former investors include Y-Combinator, Valentin Stalf (co-founder and CEO of N26), Samih Toukan (co-founder of Souq), David Fischer (HighSnobiety), Maik Ludewig (DurstExpress MD) and Victor Henning. (Co-founder of Mendeley).

Co-founders Chris Schiller and Christian Hartung are currently planning to expand into the EU and North America.

Schiller previously spent four years as vice president of products at HelloFresh, and he and Hartung were previously on Rocket Internet.

Schiller said: “We believe that cooking at home should be simple, enjoyable and personal. But in today’s world, “what is dinner? Is always a nerve-racking and grocery question. Shopping takes the time and energy of millions of people every day. We are correcting this with new services and the ambition to become the # 1 home cooking brand in the United States and Europe. “

Apostolos Apostolakis, co-founder and partner of Venture Friends, said: With very relevant experience with its founder, Kitchenful is in a promising position to become a leading home cooking brand. “

Kitchen Full may encounter strong opposition from other new players in this Lollipop space etc …

Meal Planner Startup Kitchenful Raises $ 1.9 Million from VentureFriends, Goodwater Capital and Jabbar – TechCrunch Source Link Meal Planner Startup Kitchenful Raises $ 1.9 Million from VentureFriends, Goodwater Capital and Jabbar – TechCrunch

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Trump launches his own social media platform, TRUTH Social – TechCrunch



California News Times

Former US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he will be launching his own social media platform, TRUTH Social. Press release According to Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG).

Trump’s new social network will be in beta in November. The beta version is only available to guests. According to the press release, its nationwide rollout is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

Trump has demonstrated his desire to build a rival social media platform after being kicked from multiple social media platforms. Earlier this year, major social media companies including: Twitter, Facebook, When YouTube After the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, Trump was banned or suspended for violating their policies.

“I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to face the tyranny of Big Tech. We live in a world where Tullivan has a lot of Twitter presence, but your favorite US president is It’s Silent, ”Trump said in a statement.

Mr Trump said the company’s mission was to “create rivals for the liberal media consortium and fight big tech companies.”

The TRUTH Social app will be launched by a new company formed by the merger of Trump Media and Technology Group and Nasdaq-listed Digital World Acquisition Corp, the statement said.

(By the way, TRUTH’s iOS app marketing material shows a screenshot with a list of posts from publications like The New York Times, Variety, Fox News, TechCrunch, etc. The headline next to the logo is This one has never been seen on the site and is posted on TechCrunch. I don’t have a TRUTH account.)

Trump Launches His Own Social Media Platform, TRUTH Social – TechCrunch Source Link Trump Launches His Own Social Media Platform, TRUTH Social – TechCrunch

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360Learning enterprise learning platform raises $ 200 million – TechCrunch



California News Times

360 learning Raised $ 200 million in funding from Sumeru, SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2 and Silver Lake Waterman. And this time, the name of the startup describes what it does very well. With 360 Learning, you can learn from your colleagues using an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create courses and share them with your colleagues.

Existing Large Venture Fund investors from Bpifrance, XAnge and Educapital are also participating in today’s round table.

When it comes to creating content, 360 Learning allows you to combine different types of media to work on a course with multiple people on your team. For example, you can capture a video, add a question, or provide comments if someone doesn’t choose the correct answer. You can also upload your own files and add YouTube videos. The interface is supposed to be so simple that you don’t have to be an e-learning expert to create a course. As long as you are an expert in your field, you can share your knowledge with your colleagues.

Over time, companies will create their own collection of courses that can be distributed to new employees. It can also be a good opportunity for employees looking for a new job within the same large company.

The company can then specifically distribute the course to all employees or groups of employees. Admins can track feedback from employees who complete a course and see completion rates. This is particularly useful for mandatory compliance training.

The company also says it uses artificial intelligence to identify courses that can be improved due to lack of information. It also helps you match the right course with the right employee at the right time.

Currently, 1,500 companies such as LVMH, Aircall, Toyota and Appen are using 360 Learning. They use the platform for employee onboarding, software training, and various courses that help improve general sales, leadership, and general skills.

Today’s funding round is important because the company had only raised $ 40 million previously. The company plans to hire more people, expand into new markets and make several acquisitions.

Image credit: Alexandre Lenoble / Learning 360

360Learning Enterprise Learning Platform Raises $ 200 Million – TechCrunch Source Link 360Learning Enterprise Learning Platform Raises $ 200 Million – TechCrunch

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