How the world went crazy for Wordle

You may not have met Wardle. If you’re not on social media and you don’t know who has to prove how smart you are on a daily basis, you’ve seen what a mysterious grid is of gray, green and yellow squares looks like. May not be. Immediately, someone else guessed a five-letter word.

But two years later, as a savvy FT reader, you might enjoy this piece as Netflix airs a 90-minute cultural retrospective on the trends surrounding this humble pun on the internet. When wondering if Wordle can hold up beyond its flashy debut, the rest of us can gather in the country’s redundant Scrabble board bonfire for warmth.

It probably doesn’t make sense to only have 90 players per day in a browser-based interface, like November, because the molasses is happening during the pandemic. Last week it reportedly reached over 2 my per day, an R rate comparable to the new variant.

What’s the point of Wordle as the number of inexperienced people decreases? Guess a five-letter word in six tries. Each guess must be a valid word, and after each attempt it becomes clear which letter is in the right place, right but in the wrong place, or wrong. Every day is the dawn of a brand new Wordle, and once you’ve solved it, you’ll be asked to share a colorful grid (remove spoilers to avoid spoilers) with your friends and rivals. Temptation?

My first real Wordle conversation took place last weekend, involving three men who had a fierce debate over which word to guess first to maximize efficiency. Another friend posted on Twitter that he wanted to give away his password rather than share a “Wordle Starter”. The Times puzzle editor provides tips to improve your score. The Guardian published a column explaining the linguistic history of commonly used consonants. Every morning, the new Wardler offers an indifferent public a complete grid that mixes shame and pride.

As social media once again splits into two rebel camps, the sharing that keeps the game alive has already gone underground. One day last week I received four unsolicited images in DM. All Wordle sheet music. I know what you’re thinking — and I don’t know if there’s a big difference in motivation.

Of course, Wordle’s secret is the lack of novelty. A hangman who ran through the 1970s cryptanalysis game Mastermind. If you can figure out how to crack that pegboard, Wordle doesn’t present much of a problem. The inventor attributed its popularity to its simplicity, obscuring complex thought processes. .. .. It makes me feel wise and such people,” he told a reporter.

Solving puzzles with clever solution tactics has a weird pull and people are enthusiastic about them. Do you remember the Sudoku frenzy? They have long been true to themselves and have demonstrated their strength in the daily press market. Legend has it that the first rule of print is to “never mess up the crossword”. In these tougher times, we call them ‘Engagement Drivers’.

But Wardle remains free from this creeping commercialism. This origin story is probably the most romantic I’ve ever read – New York hipster Josh Wardle gives a gift to a partner who’s crazy about his puzzles, she says. Talk to This is how he shows his love. Nora Ephron looks down from the Throne of Infinite Wisdom and says, “Thank you for your hard work.” He didn’t even create an app because he didn’t advertise and he didn’t want to “get attention” or suck up data. You play once a day and that’s it. Just watch the clock count down until tomorrow’s puzzles are available.

What’s cuter or healthier? The last internet “pure” people were inevitably drawn in, as Wordle was dubbed. Host of predators..

Last week, an unscrupulous or enterprising young man decided to integrate Wordle into the application. And surely the App Store, with a $30 subscription to unlimited puzzles. Despite its innocent protests almost as reliable as Downing Street’s party unity, Apple took it down. In the spirit of the company, several original free games have emerged. Queerdle It has a pink background and a more demotic vocabulary. Swear dollar – Yes, there is a point.

The decryption properties of this game make it popular with people with mathematical knowledge as well as linguists. One day, after frantic marketing, the engineers extracted the source code of Wordle and found the 2,500 odd words in the database. Every day, congratulations to the guy who can win on the first try: you completely misunderstood the assignment.

How the World Gone Crazy for Wordle Source Link How the World Gone Crazy for Wordle


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