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“Morality of work”, writes the philosopher Bertrand Russell in his groundbreaking essay In honor of laziness“That’s the morality of slavery, and there’s no need for slavery in the modern world.” Poet Philip Larkin must work to “squat his life” as a toad. I asked if. Dissatisfaction with the discomfort of having to give up your day in pain and be told what to do is nothing new. They’ve been given a 21st-century spin on the so-called “anti-work” philosophy in the home of social media service Reddit.

Yet, as the Bible says, “He that does not work shall not eat.” This feeling of laziness and sharks can be frowned upon by dropouts and appeal to the left, which is hostile to the lazy rich, as much as it is to people on the right who think the world still makes a living for them. There is more than material satisfaction in the world of work. Neither Russell nor Larkin could be accused of being unproductive in all their protests. Not everyone can be a poet or a philosopher, but laziness very often creates misery.

Two broader tendencies complained of the need to exercise additional urgency. Initially “Massive Retreat”. The percentage of Americans quitting their jobs (most Reddit users are from the US) has reached an all-time high. Many businesses are in desperate need of staff and employers are complaining about labor shortages. The victory story, where a skilled boss suddenly realized he was dependent on a worker he took for granted, is so popular and common that site moderators make it a week-by-week. Limited to days.

The other is a more outraged version of the trend that emerged on social media sites last year. It’s a stock of memes. Frequently self-proclaimed “monkeys” Wall StreetBets Forum Considering the “Stonk” to the “Moon” and “Daddy Elon” as the path to riches, they will agree with the anti-worker locals that the system is essentially equipped. The road to wealth in America, as it can be said, is not to work hard, but to own the right one at the right time. The skyrocketing value of cryptocurrencies, tech stocks, and non-fungible tokens offers a greater debate against a special dignity of labor than Bertrand Russell has offered.

Yet few young Americans have completely given up their jobs because of all the hype, even those with cryptocurrency prizes sending them back to startups and other ventures. Is often. Indeed, layoffs mainly concern workers who move from one job to another rather than voluntarily losing their job. Undoubtedly, bad bosses can be partly due to understaffing. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Toxic corporate culture is the number one predictor of employee turnover, suggesting salaries are easily obfuscated.

This is something companies can work on. Addressing a wider range of social issues is much more difficult – it’s no coincidence that much of the story comes from the US, where workers’ rights are weaker than in Europe. At the root of many complaints is the one-sided flexibility of the gig economy. The employer can ask the employee to work with an emergency notice, but the employee does not have the symmetrical right to terminate abruptly. It can also be addressed in politics. Fortunately, the world cannot completely eliminate the need to work. But you can definitely do more with a bad job.

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