Mobile Phone Detection Cameras NSW, Victoria Locations, QLD, London, UK, Adelaide, South Australia

Mobile phone detection cameras, including fixed and portable cameras, have begun focusing on drivers in NSW who are illegally using a mobile phone anywhere, anytime, as of March 1, 2020.

High-definition cameras are used to take pictures of the front-row cabin spaces of all vehicles in order to detect illegal mobile phone use. The system is operational day and night and in all weather conditions. The Mobile Phone Detection Camera Program has been effective in lowering unauthorised mobile phone use on our roadways since it was implemented.


The NSW Government has confirmed that mobile phone detection cameras will also be deployed to punish seatbelt violations as part of the 2026 Road Safety Action Plan. Before starting, the community will be notified. When seatbelts are not used, on average, over 30 drivers and passengers each year in NSW die in crashes and suffer over 90 serious injuries. If seatbelts had been worn, numerous of these fatalities and injuries might have been avoided.

As part of routine on-road policing operations, NSW Police continues to crack down on seatbelt violations, unlawful cell phone use, and other high-risk behaviours.


During the fiscal year 2020–2021, police in Victoria recorded over 17,000 instances of drivers using their phones while operating a vehicle.

Because distracted driving causes so many accidents, using a handheld cell phone while driving carries a stiff $555 fine and four penalty points.According to the numbers for 2020–2021, that comes out to a fine of over $9 million.

In Victoria, Australia, a test of the system in 2020 checked 679,438 vehicles in three months using only two portable cameras. 16,000 drivers, or one in 42 vehicles, were found to be using a mobile phone.
If we extrapolate such numbers across a year, we might see more than 64,000 infractions.

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Locations of Cameras in London,Adelaide,South Australia

Five new mobile safety cameras have been introduced by Transport for London (TfL) to combat the danger and damage caused by speeding in London and help the city achieve its Vision Zero goal of ending fatalities and serious injuries on the road network. According to police statistics, speed is a role in 50 percent of fatal crashes in London.

The controversial mobile phone detection cameras that were supposed to be installed on Adelaide’s highways are now much later. Authorities disagree on how security cameras should be used to enforce city streets.

The next year, sophisticated mobile phone detection cameras are expected to be installed on South Australian roadways.

Authorities in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales have already started using the cameras, and starting in September 2022, SA will also be able to catch drivers who are breaking the law.

SA Police Minister Vincent Tarzia said 9News, “We know that distraction is an absolute killer on our roadways so we will see several mobile phone detection cameras around our towns.

Seven cameras, it is understood, would be put in various high-risk urban areas.

The type of cameras to be utilised is now being decided by SA Police and the State Government, albeit the particular locations have not yet been determined.

Drivers told 9News that it sounds like a good idea and that they shouldn’t worry if they aren’t using their phones while driving.

Legal experts warn that if the current regulations aren’t amended, there may be problems if images of drivers who are supposedly breaking the law aren’t validated.


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