New Pokemon Legends trailer: Arceus shows Pokemon riding and fighting


Nintendo has shared a new trailer for Pokemon Legend: Arceus ahead of its launch later this month.

The one-minute video embedded below gives a brief overview of upcoming Pokemon games and shows you how to ride Pokemon and capture Pokemon in real time. In addition, the vast environment and certain that players will explore during their adventures. Brand new pokemon I live in.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus was set a long time ago Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl, When the Sinnoh region was known as Jade and the concept of Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon League had yet to be established. Players control new recruits to the Galaxy Expedition team and embark on a mission to catalog the region’s first Pokédex.

What sets Pokemon Legend apart from previous games in the series is its emphasis on real-time action. Wild Pokémon can roam the environment in real time and even attack players, so a different approach is needed to capture them. Throughout the story, players must battle and crush bigger boss monsters known as the Noble Pokemon.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Nintendo switch Anyone who purchases the game before May 9 will receive an additional bonus, the Hisuian Groulithe kimono set for the character and the Baneful fox mask. Special bonus if you have played other Pokemon games On the system.

Pokemon Legend: Before Arceus arrived, Tetris 99 Maximus Cup special event The theme is future Pokemon games. Players who score at least 100 points during the event will unlock the new Tetris 99 theme with the art and music of Pokemon Legend. The Maximus Cup will take place from January 20 to 24.

New Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Shows Pokemon Riding And Fighting Source Link New Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Shows Pokemon Riding And Fighting


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