Omnichannel customer messaging platform Superchat raises $ 15.6 million led by Blossom – TechCrunch

last year’s WhatsApp outage is still shaking the backbone of 2 billion users. This also applies to the millions of businesses that currently use it to connect with their customers. As we now know, messaging on all platforms is a new area where many startups are emerging.

One of the latest Super Chat is creating an all-in-one messaging platform for small businesses to reach their customers. lose 13 billion euros in annual revenue for poor customer service.

Superchat has raised $ 15.6 million in a Series A run by a London-based VC. Blossom Capital With the participation of 468 Capital .. This means that the startup has now raised a total of $ 18.8 million.

Alex Lim, Managing Partner of Blossom Capital, said: “Superchat has built a platform that enables small businesses to take advantage of digital channels and deliver the best service to their most demanding customers. The founders and the teams are unique in how they feel. Many businesses still rely on email and phones, despite the significant digital switchover in the wake of the pandemic. ”

The startup says it will bring conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Telegram, Webchat, email, and SMS to one inbox for your business. By doing this, businesses can gain insight into their customers’ data, help them increase sales, and more. All team members can view and reply to messages.

Founded by Yilmaz Köknar and Mika Hally, this platform has so far mainly worked for German customers.

Köknar said: “Today’s customers want and expect to be able to reach their business anytime, anywhere. It is a logistical nightmare for the company and can degrade the customer experience. In the current situation, everyone wins. No, but with Superchat everyone wins. “

Superchat plays against a lot of well-funded players in this arena like Rake, Messagebird, and Smooch, so it’s interesting to see how the chat plays out fairly.

Omnichannel Client Messaging Platform Superchat Raises $ 15.6 Million Led by Blossom – TechCrunch Source Link Omnichannel Client Messaging Platform Superchat Raises $ 15.6 Million Led by Blossom – TechCrunch


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