What are Aldi Heated Clothes Airers? Range, Running Cost, Review

The majority of heated clothing is made for outdoor workers like carpenters and construction workers as well as cold-weather hobbies and activities including motorcycle riding, downhill skiing, diving, winter biking, and snowmobiling. Since the London Olympics, athletes have also worn heated gear to keep their muscles warm in the time between warm-up and competition.


There is a huge selection of laundry lines and cloth airers. You can look them over at numerous online stores that sell them.

Running cost

You may have already heard of hot clothing airers and questioned whether they are genuinely worth the cost. As the cost of living issue strikes and more of us become aware of how much it costs to run a tumble dryer during the winter, we believe the short answer is yes.


Below is a review from a user of Aldi heated clothes.

After using Aldi’s heated airer for more than a month, I must admit that I now see why there is such a buzz about them.

First off, it works wonderfully as an airer alone because it is large and can fit a large load on it with ease (a lot more than my usual standard three-tiered airer).

Little room for storage? I understand what you’re saying; in fact, when I initially opened the enormous device, my first reaction was, “Where on earth am I going to put it?”

However, the design neatly collapses and fits in the narrow space along the side of my washing machine in the airing cupboard (surprise, it is extremely lightweight).

Regarding the heating aspect, it took some getting accustomed to.

I used to pile all of my laundry up on the toasting bars and check in on it roughly every hour.

I quickly learned that in order to ensure consistent drying and the avoidance of damp spots, it was best to spin longer objects, like pants, like a rotisserie chicken.

But for items like socks and underwear, they would dry quickly.

The airer does come with a cotton cover that you may use to hasten drying time and even out the drying process, and that surely helped.

But my favourite feature is how quickly it express dries bed linens.

Towels and pillowcases can be dried in less time than usual by simply slipping them through the bars and placing the duvet flat on top. In my opinion, it’s worth paying just for that.

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Additionally, with growing energy bills, the heated airer (whose operation costs between 6 and 8 pence per hour) serves as a cute little method to give some extra heat to the lounge without turning on the heating.

If you do decide to purchase it, just remember to read the directions before using it. My sister did not, so she went ahead and wore her silky pleated skirt over it, giving it a new, attractive bar-like element.

In conclusion, if you need a new airer, you should consider Aldi’s heated model, which might give you the best of both worlds, for less than £40.


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