Alden Bunag Hawaii Teacher Arrested: Here’s All You Need To Know!

Alden Bunag Hawaii
Alden Bunag Hawaii

A Hawaii college coach was allegedly imprisoned for sharing adolescent pornography, according to legend.

Alden Bunag admits to mistreating his former student. According to officials, he is also accused of sending unlawful images and recordings to a different teacher on the mainland.

According to court documents, Aldena and the mainland coach exchanged over 3300 SMS, including numerous photos and videos.

Who is Alden Bunag?

Alden Bunag, a high school coach, was found guilty of sending obscene images. He apparently admitted to having sexual relations with a minor academic.

Alden Bunag Hawaii Teacher Arrested

According to federal prosecution information, Bunag was delivering inappropriate films to a Philadelphia instructor. Officers apprehended the varsity instructor in October 2022.

The coach admitted to having lunchtime intercourse with (the youngster) at the college, according to the papers.

Alden stated that he knew the student was a child at the time and described him as a previous scholar.

The file has been approved. Bunag admitted to prosecutors that he secretly videotaped his sexual encounters with a 13-year-old former student and shared the footage with others via a chat app.

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Alden Bunag Background

So far, nothing more about Alden Bunag’s family has been revealed. The authorities have currently saved his personal information.

Aside from his location at the crime scene, no information regarding his personal life has been released.

Alden Bunag Twitter

When the concerned publications inquired about Bunag’s teaching credentials, they received no response from the Department of Education.

KHON2 News broke the news of Alden Bunag’s arrest on Twitter early this morning. The coach was found guilty of inappropriately transmitting photos and images, according to court docket papers.

Bunag is expected to face multiple charges of child abuse and abusing minor school college students.

Alden made his first appearance in federal court on Thursday, and he is being detained in detention until his next court docket session. His next court appearance is set for June 21, 2022.

He also admitted to distributing the video clip of his sexual encounter. He also dedicated himself to broadcasting teen pornography to a variety of juvenile victims.

According to former state-authorized skilled widespread Doug Chin, the manner the accused confessed to the acts indicates how persons who commit these crimes typically believe they will get away with it.

Doug Chin also emphasises the significance of coordination among a lot of companies around the country, particularly when dealing with people accused of such horrible acts.

“To be able to clamp down on some of our community’s most terrible and horrible people,” he said, alluding to those who prey on youngsters for sexual gain.


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