Athlete First represents list of top agencies with $ 2 billion in NFL contracts

Athlete First represents list of top agencies with $ 2 billion in NFL contracts

Josh Allen # 17 of the Buffalo Bills throws a pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the first half at Highmark Stadium on September 12, 2021 in Orchard Park in New York City.

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Athletes First is the leading sports agency, with nearly $ 2 billion in contracts for 75 active professional football players, according to a new study of high-income agents among well-known and recognized National Football League player representatives. .

The athlete’s first agent, Todd France, sits number one on the list, with nearly $ 1.19 billion in contracts negotiated between 33 active NFL players. David Mulugheta is also on the list with 42 NFL players and $ 830 million in transactions. Together, the two have just over $ 2 billion in active deals in negotiations for Athletes First.

Profit figures were compiled by digital sports betting platform PixWise in association with global marketing agency ICS-Digital. The companies used NFL player contract information through, which collects data on teams and player agreements. The study only collected offers from high profile representatives and notes that NFL agents receive up to 3% commission on NFL offers. Using this percentage, it was estimated that France earned more than $ 35 million from active contracts.

According to Forbes, Athletes First has negotiated more than $ 4 billion in sports contracts, earning around $ 85 million in commissions. But that earnings study did not include contracts for players who had retired or been terminated, or contracts that had expired.

One of Athletes First’s biggest active contracts is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who signed a six-year, $ 258 million contract last month. Allen’s average annual contract value is $ 43 million per season, just behind Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs star signed a 10-year, $ 450 million contract with an average annual value of $ 45 million per season.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott also used Athlete First to secure his four-year, $ 160 million contract. Prescott has chosen to sign a short-term contract put in place to benefit from the higher salary cap when he steps down, as the league totaled the more than $ 100 billion NFL media rights deal. Income will increase. The current NFL media deal has helped the teams make around $ 309 million each.

The NFL is a high injury risk sport, and most teams don’t guarantee player contracts, in part because of the high injury rate. Agents back this up by demanding as much guaranteed money as possible, including signing bonuses.

Considering only guaranteed money, Allen’s deal is the highest in the NFL at $ 150 million. Mahomes’ deal includes $ 141 million in guarantees, and Prescott is third with $ 126 million in guarantees.

Tom Condon of the powerful Creative Artists Agency shares Allen with France as a client who left CAA in 2020. Condon ranks second in the earnings study, with 24 active NFL players and nearly $ 954 million. dollars in contracts. His chords commission is around $ 28 million, and the client list includes Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Mulugheta is third on a $ 24 million commission, including the deal he brokered for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, whose contract is for four years and is worth $ 156 million ($ 110 million dollars guaranteed).

Agents who finished in the top ten included Zeke Sandhu of Elite Athlete Management, Doug Hendrickson of Wasserman ($ 10 million in commissions) and Chaffee Fields (around $ 5 million in commissions) with $ 158 million in active trades. .

Fields recently added Pittsburgh Steelers star JuJu Smith-Schuster and brokered a $ 100 million Cowboys deal with Amari Cooper. Cooper’s deal for the wide receiver is the highest in the NFL.



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