Biden condemns Supreme Court ruling on Texas abortion law

Biden condemns Supreme Court ruling on Texas abortion law

President Joe Biden on Thursday rebuked Supreme Court justices who rejected an attempt by abortion rights advocates to prevent the entry into force of Texas’ restrictive abortion law.

Biden has called on White House legal and policy officials to respond to the court’s ruling by seeking ways for federal agencies to “ensure women in Texas have access to safe and legal abortions.” [Roe v. Wade.]

The overnight decision by five High Court conservatives, including the three appointees of former President Donald Trump, is “an unprecedented attack on a woman’s constitutional rights.” Roe vs. Wade, which has been the law of the land for almost fifty years, ”Biden said in a statutory declaration.

The law prohibits most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy – before most women find out they are pregnant – and gives individuals the right to sue anyone who “helps and encourages” the procedures, among other rules. gives rights.

In doing so, the law “exposes unconstitutional anarchy and allows self-anointed promoters to exert disastrous influence,” Biden said.

“This law is so extreme that it doesn’t even allow exceptions for rape or incest,” Biden’s statement said. “And not only does it allow complete strangers to get involved in the most private decisions a woman makes, it actually encourages them to do so with a potential of $ 10,000 if they win their case. “

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Later in a statement Thursday morning condemned the night’s “cowardly and grim decision to maintain a blatantly unconstitutional attack on women’s rights and health.”

Pelosi promised that when Congress returns, her house will pass the Women’s Health Protection Act “to establish in law reproductive health care for all women across America.”

The president and Pelosi both criticized the majority’s decision to give its brief but meaningful opinion on the tribunal’s “shadow case”, without hearing oral arguments from parties in the case.

“To do so without a majority hearing, without the benefit of an opinion from the lower court, and without careful consideration of the issues, insults the rule of law and the rights of all Americans to redress from our courts. », Declared the president.

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