Cal fire chief on massive Caldor fire in California

Cal fire chief on massive Caldor fire in California

Cal Fire spokesman Henry Herrera detailed several conditions fueling the flames of the Caldor Fire monster as it continues to burn in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and threatens the resort town of South Lake Tahoe, in California.

“Everything’s ready, the perfect recipe for such a big fire,” Herrera said in an interview Wednesday night on CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith”.

“Very steep topography, very rough terrain, the winds are strong… we get gusts of 35, 40 mph at the top of the ridge. The winds line up perfectly with the canyon, which is really The fire spreads quickly.

Firefighters fight the flames as they make their way to the southern tip of Lake Tahoe. Herrera, who was on the front lines of the Caldor blaze, explained other factors contributing to the massive blaze. These include embers igniting dry vegetation miles before the fire, which in turn produces new, smaller “point fires” that grow and attach to the main fire.

The Caldor Fire burned over 200,000 acres, which is larger than the entire city of Memphis. He also forced the evacuation of thousands of people. Herrera told host Shepard Smith that firefighters are working to save homes and communities and are currently focusing on the northeast end of the fires around Meyers and South Lake Tahoe.

“We are building control lines to prevent fire from entering these areas,” Herrera said. “We are building emergency lines if a fire crosses these control lines, and so far we have been successful in keeping fires away from communities.”



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