Covid 19 Coronavirus Delta Outbreak: Government Wants Vaccination Passports, 90 Percent of Eligible Population Wants Vaccination

Sir John Key attacks government COVID-19 response – “Fear and hope is not a strategy”. Videos / Newsstock ZB

A high immunization rate of 90% is key to eliminating the need for a lockdown, while vaccinations can even be on the passport card – especially for those who wish to attend events, the prime minister said.

Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show this morning that vaccinating 90% of the eligible population, or 76% of the entire population, could eliminate any need for strict stay-at-home orders and ease restrictions.

This could lead to more people self-isolating at home, shorter periods of isolation and the reopening of borders from next year, including the gradual return of international students to the country.

The government was also considering introducing vaccination passports and these could be used for events to give more certainty to this industry.

Ardern’s response this morning comes as former Prime Minister Sir John Key sheltered his strategy to reopen the borders, which included creating tensions for those who criticized the government’s ‘fear and hope’ strategy. Instead of trusting, he chose not to get the shot.

Speaking to Newstalk ZB, Key said the country needs to find some resistance to stress to get people vaccinated.

Key said the lockdown proved the Kiwis were complying – but the reality was they wouldn’t get the remaining 20% ​​without doing something drastic like banning people from attending outdoor concerts.

“It’s not a radical thing, moreover, our daughter was in Paris a few weeks ago … and you don’t go if you don’t have your vaccination passport.”

He suggested on Newshub that the government should tell young people who are under no pressure to get vaccinated that they cannot go to events like Rhythm and Wine, or go to nightclubs, or fly and then see how many of them still think the spoon will stick to their left hand where they get the vaccine.

“If you are Destiny Church or if you are the group of people that I see protesting all the time – they will never change their mind, what are you telling me – the country will never open?”

Key said if anyone chooses not to be vaccinated it is his personal responsibility and called on the government to show leadership and determine how many people need to be vaccinated and when the border will reopen.

The lockdown was costing New Zealand nearly $ 1 billion a week and they feared it would derail the country later when it could not afford the latest drug or more police departments as it would pay interest on this debt. was doing. While the country was in lockdown, small businesses were also quietly collapsing.

Jamie Freeman, president of Hospitality NZ Auckland, told TVNZ that the hospitality industry in Auckland suffered losses of up to $ 358 million in the first two weeks of the Level 4 lockdown – the equivalent of around $ 23 million a day.


Freeman said there would be business weeks, if not days, before permanent shutdowns, and additional financial support from the government is likely to keep them afloat.

“Once you close, after the trade is over, you can’t bounce back. “



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