COVID 19 Delta outbreak: 45 new cases today – 12 new unrelated Christchurch MIQ facilities

There are 45 new cases of COVID in the community today, including 12 unrelated “mystery” cases.

Chief Health Officer Dr Ashley Bloomfield said this was the most cases we have seen in some time.

A total of 33 existing cases have family or close contact and were not contagious in the community.

“In a sense, they were expected,” Bloomfield said.

COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins said the number of cases today was “dull”, many of which were linked to existing cases.

“We expect some jerks to occur from time to time. “

When asked if Auckland residents should be prepared for longer periods in current alert levels, Hipkins said it was important to remember that the nature of the cases was a key aspect in informing changes in alert level.

However, he added that the number of family contacts indicated the nature of the outbreak where it was highly contagious.

“I would encourage people not to read too much in it.”

Case reached at Waitakere hospital

A person admitted to Waitakere hospital on Saturday September 25 tested positive yesterday. Bloomfield said some staff were turned down and a small number of patients were being followed.

12 of today’s 45 cases were currently unrelated, but for six of them a link was visible

Some carried out essential occupations during their period of contagion.

Bloomfield called on employers to encourage their employees to get vaccinated.

He said it was necessary to know who we were dealing with and thanked the people who have been tested in the past few weeks.

Surveillance tests are being extended in Auckland to several industries such as construction and retail, which operate at Alert Level 3, which will identify any chain of transmission

Auckland has opened 21 community testing centers, so no one should have to wait too long for a swab.

Surveillance tests are not mandatory, Bloomfield said.

It is also not necessary to isolate it after a test without symptoms.

Four hundred people have been tested in the Tauranga region after the positive results of the sewage test were announced yesterday.

Bloomfield urged residents of Tauranga and the rest of Motu to get vaccinated. “Dark”.

Hipkins said 78% of the eligible population received their first vaccine.

Over the past seven days, 200,000 people have taken their second dose, bringing the total to 1.8 million in New Zealand.

Hipkins said demand for the second dose would peak in the second week of October.

Tomorrow at midnight, all border workers who may have come into contact with Kovid will have to be vaccinated

Hipkins said this gives him more protection for his own health and not to pass the virus on to others.

He was incredibly proud of the work of border staff, saying 98% had been vaccinated with one dose and 93% had been vaccinated with two. This included 95 percent of the port’s employees.

Hipkins said the cabinet approved funding for a new MIQ facility in Christchurch.

He cited the complexities of building a new MIQ facility, but said he was happy to add 85 additional rooms to the system.

The Kovid case visited Auckland Mall on Monday

It emerged today that a person infected with Kovid-19 was in the Auckland shopping complex two days ago.

The Department of Health has discovered a place of interest – a man infected with the virus was at Kelston Mall in West Auckland for half an hour on Monday afternoon.

The affected time is between 2:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

The mall has several businesses, including a countdown supermarket, gas station, cafes and a McDonald’s restaurant nearby.

A woman walks past the Grand Millennium MIQ Hotel in Auckland.  photo / Michael Craig
A woman walks past the Grand Millennium MIQ Hotel in Auckland. photo / Michael Craig

Today’s update comes after the past few days, which have seen the number of community cases in Auckland decline every day.

In yesterday’s update, eight new people were identified as community cases. A day earlier, 12 community cases were announced and Monday 18 community cases were reported.

All of yesterday’s cases were in the Auckland area – including four people from Upper Hauraki who tested positive for the virus but live in the same household.

A total of 965 people caught in the outbreak in Auckland have since recovered, as have the 17 people diagnosed with the virus in Wellington.

Fourteen people with Covid-19 are being treated in city hospitals – two at North Shore Hospital, six at Auckland City Hospital and six at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland.

Three of these patients are cared for in intensive care units or high dependency units.

Where to get vaccinated in Auckland – without reservation

Four cases of COVID were also identified at the border, which recently ended their mandatory 14-day isolation period. One of these people, a traveler to Cambodia via Singapore, is considered a historical affair.

Vehicles arrive today for a vaccination campaign at Ranui Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church in West Auckland.  photo / alex burton
Vehicles arrive today for a vaccination campaign at Ranui Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church in West Auckland. photo / alex burton

place of interest

Meanwhile, the health ministry has not released any new places of interest since Monday, when a single location linked to an infected person was announced.

It was 77 convenience stores at 103 Victoria St West in Auckland CBD across from the Sky Tower.

The store is linked to a man who was with her for six hours between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 16.

The infected person is not a member of staff, store management confirmed.



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