Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Auckland police under investigation for border violation made Iwi contacts as ‘favors’ for funeral

PM Jacinda Ardern said in response to reports that her 1 p.m. COVID-19 live stream was overwhelmed by anti-vax misinformation. video / pool

More details have emerged of a police officer being investigated for allegedly violating Auckland’s southern border without being exempted from joining a thong.

A source said that senior officials yesterday took the family members for the last rites.

However, now the Herald has learned that the man – who drove a private car but in a police uniform – was driving IVI contacts as part of his job.

A second source said the office was doing the contacts “a favor”.

The Herald is seeking further comment from the police, Commissioner Andrew Koster and Police Minister Poto Williams on the situation.

The agent under investigation was also contacted for comment.

Last night it was revealed the man had crossed the border earlier this month – while Auckland was still under strict COVID-19 alert level restrictions and needed a formal exemption for leave the area.

A source said the officer was stopped by police stationed at the southern border – but they allegedly allowed him when he insisted he could say no.

He told them he could cross the border because he was an essential worker.

However, it is understood that the trip was not considered official police matter and the police confirmed that no exemptions were granted for the trip.

Police would not confirm specific details of the alleged violation tomorrow night.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has been informed and colleagues are investigating the allegations of border violations.

A spokesperson for Tamaki Makaurau police was able to confirm that an internal investigation was underway into the alleged border violations.

This investigation concerned “an alleged decision of the police to authorize passage through the border post without reasonable exemption”.

“As the police now understand, this was a member of the police who stood across the alert level range with a group of people so they could attend the burial from a distance,” said the spokesperson.

“Police have confirmed travel is not permitted … but further investigation is needed into the case to fully understand the background, including to resolve the case.”

Auckland has been on Alert Levels 3 and 4 – which impose strict travel restrictions – since it was announced in August that the highly contagious delta version of COVID-19 was present in the community.

During that period, more than 320,000 vehicles were stopped at checkpoints at the city’s southern and northern borders, police noted in the organization’s daily compliance update tonight.

Of these, 5,524 were eliminated.

Police also noted a number of arrests over the past month for people crossing the border in violation of lockdown rules – the most notable of a couple have been accused of being smuggled into Hamilton before s ‘fly to a vacation home in Wanaka. Accused of using their essential worker exemptions to drive.

One of the alleged perpetrators in this case was the son of an Auckland District Court judge.

A police spokesperson said yesterday: “It is important to remember that traveling above the alert level limit is prohibited and that you will be turned away if you do not have the necessary proof for a trip. allowed, as listed on the COVID-19 website. Is mentioned. “

Other high profile cases of violation include:

• A 53-year-old man arrested by police at Wellington Ferry Terminal after crossing Cook Strait in a caravan bought by police in Christchurch after abusing work breaks to leave Auckland.

• A 24-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man were arrested in Wellington after allegedly traveling from Auckland.

• Two Auckland residents accused of using false documents to get to Taupi.

• Three Auckland essential workers were reportedly arrested at Turoa Ski Field in Mount Ruahu.

• A man who bragged about Tik Tok for getting McDonald’s across the border.

• Two gang accomplices are accused of trying to chase police down a gravel road near the lockdown border. Police said the couple were later found in the car with more than $ 100,000 in cash and a boot full of KFC.




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