Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Barry Soper – Work looks broken and PM is under pressure

September 28, 2021 Today there are eight cases of COVID in the community, including one person who presented to Waitakere Hospital. Today there is an unrelated case – the person who reached the hospital. Five employees were lifted.


The fingers of this government are running out for having dug a hole in the dam.

One need only look at the Prime Minister’s gesture and at least I understand the pressures he is under. Yesterday she was fidgeting in the parliamentary debate room with her face mask on so much that the sound was static.

It is as if the hinge of the stable door had been broken and the horse was nowhere to be found. The government surprises everyone by being as transparent as a brick wall.

Take for example the last 24 hours.

Undoubtedly the latest One News-Colmar Brunton opinion poll, where
A 10 percent drop in grades in less than a year, even if it remains at a relatively respectable 43 percent, will not be happy.

The Covid cushion loses its padding. In times of confinement, the party is generally faced with competition from fearful and insecure masses. But with one death in 1,185 cases in the current outbreak, that doesn’t create the atmosphere of fear they’ve relied on.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Therefore, they have shifted into high gear to distract us from the path of recovery.

The interest deduction for real estate investors announced last March without details was suddenly extended and will take effect from Friday – there is no more tax relief.

As soon as they took care of it they had another explosion, still in the property arena, the business owners were left drunk, Justice Minister Chris Fafoi took a long time and the leases were announced . .

Fafoi, who has no legal bones in his body, is making changes to real estate law, allowing a tenant to pay a “reasonable proportion” of their rent when Covid has impacted their business. This prevents the government from taking steps to compensate tenants in difficulty.

                Justice Minister Chris Fafoi.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
Justice Minister Chris Fafoi. Photo / Mark Mitchell

And that, without consulting the owners, came into effect last night! He tried to do it last year, but Winston Peters, made up of equal parts of legal and political bones, prevented him from doing so. He reasoned about the sanctity of contract law, but when you have an absolute majority, like Labor has done, they can do whatever they want.

They will join him in the next few days. Nanaiah Mahuta is taking on the Three Waters Act, where 67 councils of local bodies own infrastructure that taxpayers have paid for for a number of years, which will be claimed and turned into four bureaucrats.

There are only a handful of boards that embrace change. I think the majority see it as plagiarism. But the protest by the Minister of Local Government makes no sense – remember the Maori constituencies that are now part of the makeup and all objections are lifted.

And at the end of the day, the transparency of the brick wall was on the line again. Trade Minister Damian O’Connor is overseas again this week, this time in the United States and Europe. Some would argue with the travel minister who promotes New Zealand products, but you can dispute how we found out.

News of his visit was tweeted by US ChargĂ© d’Affaires Kevin Gupta. The MIQ whites will be waiting for his return, there is no need for a lottery.

Jacinda Ardern is also due to go abroad in November. An alert for an upcoming trip has been verified with a spokesperson for his office “no travel has been confirmed and will depend on the national situation with COVID”.

These are politically lousy words that we have to hear every day. Ardern hopes the dam will withstand the pressure by then.



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