Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Main Auckland police stations that came into contact with an infected person have been closed again

Oakand City Police Headquarters on College Hill. Photo / Jason Oxenham

An Auckland woman who was arrested after being questioned at the North Shore Police Center last week before being transferred to cells at Henderson Station has tested positive for COVID-19 – resulting in the shutdown parts of both sites.

Now all those arrested in the Waitemata district – which covers Waitakere and the north coast – are taken to Auckland City for treatment.

And many police officers are isolated until they can be freed from the delta version of the highly contagious virus.

Several sources confirmed that the woman was arrested on Thursday and, after spending time at the North Shore Police Center in Marangi Bay, was taken to Henderson Detention Center in west Auckland.

North Coast Police Center.  photo / NZME
North Coast Police Center. photo / NZME

Several employees were involved in its treatment – sworn officers and non-sworn employees.

The Herald has learned that parts of both stations were closed last night after police learned the woman had tested positive for Covid-19.

The Herald has contacted police for more information, including how many employees are currently off work and how long closed areas may be out of service.

The closure means that all those arrested at Waitemata must be taken to Auckland City for treatment.

The detention unit is located at Mount Eden Prison in Auckland Central.

A source said the situation put pressure on an already enlarged police force to deal with the enforcement of Level 3 restrictions and Auckland’s borders in addition to their normal day-to-day operations.

Police said they would comment as soon as possible and seek the most recent information for the Herald, including the number of employees affected and isolated.

Auckland is divided into three police zones – Waitemata, City and County Manukau.

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