Delta, Fed and Tapering Variations – Four Experts Expect What

Delta, Fed and Tapering Variations - Four Experts Expect What

Investors are concerned about the volatility of the delta variant and other adverse conditions.

Here are thoughts from four experts on what they are looking for in the markets for the rest of the month.

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” discusses the Federal Reserve’s difficult task of reducing its stimulus.

“It’s a different kind of economy. I hope the government can spoil us. They still do. They give too many incentives at this point. … I was thinking [St. Louis Fed President James] Bullard had a lot of good things to say, which is that we already have enough job opportunities. … Do we really need more encouragement? So I think we’re in a difficult situation, some people want encouragement and some don’t. “

Karen Firestone, CEO of Aureus Asset Management, explains where she’s putting the money to work.

“The market, despite its rise and progression, has been a bit directional in terms of leading groups. We have gone from large cap growth to cyclical pricing, reopening, re-closing. Everyone then led us. What do you think is better to live with some certainty and predictability and the kind of names we like would be Facebook, Salesforce, S&P Global, American Water Works, American Tower, West Connection, even Netflix fits into that. category. And so be clear on what you want. We found him.”

Brenda Vingiello of Sand Hill Global Advisors says fundamentals should remain strong in October.

“Well, we’re going to be hearing a lot from the Fed in the coming weeks, learning more about the fundamentals of the business, as the speaking season begins here. So I think the fundamentals, though, are actually pretty strong, but… There’s going to be more evidence that there was a slight delta-related slowdown in August, but I think the market is looking to the past. and recognizes that things are on the other side. So I guess at the end of October. This could be just as surprising as it was in August when the fundamentals actually remained pretty strong and it could really help that the market at least stays in a trading range and doesn’t really experience a significant correction. “

Richard Fisher, former chairman of the Dallas Fed, highlights a key issue: the supply chain.

“We have an imbalance between supply and demand, we have increased demand, we have constraints on supply. It will not be reduced in the short term. When you look at the port activity in Los Angeles and where our countries in everything that comes from Asia or the East Coast, these pressures are more permanent, I think, and they just won’t go away overnight.



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