Delta wants other airlines to share no-fly list for undocumented passengers

Delta wants other airlines to share no-fly list for undocumented passengers

Airlines have banned hundreds of passengers for unruly behavior since the start of the pandemic. Delta Air Lines wants carriers to share these lists.

The Atlanta-based carrier has asked “other airlines to share their no-fly lists” to protect airline workers across the industry – everything we know is also a priority for you, “the in-house manager said. Vice President Kristen Manion Taylor – Flight Services wrote to flight attendants on Wednesday.” The customer shortlist also doesn’t work if that customer can travel with another airline. “

Delta said it has 1,600 passengers on its list.

Unions of flight attendants and pilots have warned of uncontrolled passenger behavior which has increased during the pandemic. Reports include incidents of yelling, verbal abuse of employees and, in rare cases, physical assaults.

The Federal Aviation Administration has received 4,385 unruly passenger reports this year, three-quarters of which relate to passengers who refused to comply with a federal mask-on-board warrant.

The FAA issued a zero tolerance policy for these incidents earlier this year and said Thursday the rate had dropped 50% since then. However, he added that the rate of six incidents per 10,000 thefts is “too high”.

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines currently do not sell alcohol on board because alcohol consumption can encourage bad behavior.

Up-and-coming Southwest CEO Bob Jordan told CNBC on Thursday he didn’t expect alcohol sales to return until the federal mask mandate for air travel is lifted, a move currently in progress since January 19.

Peter DeFazio, (D-Ore.) Chair of the House transportation and infrastructure committee, said Thursday that airport restaurants should help prevent travelers from bringing alcohol with take-out cups.

“There is no reason a passenger could leave a restaurant with ‘take out’ alcohol and board a plane with it,” he said in written testimony to a air anger committee hearing.


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