Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial jury set to be finalized by Thursday

Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial jury set to be finalized by Thursday

A jury in the Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial is expected to be finalized Thursday from among 41 potential jurors chosen after two days of intense questioning.

“We will have a sufficient number of jurors on this list to select a jury in this case,” US District Court Judge Edward Davila said Wednesday after eight hours of questioning in the courtroom.

After sitting next Wednesday, a panel of 12 members of the five-choice jury will be sworn in.

Holmes faces a dozen counts of wire fraud and conspiracy. Prosecutors allege he defrauded investors, patients and doctors. He pleaded not guilty.

Once crowned the youngest self-made billionaire woman, Holmes is now defending herself against claims she was a fraud. She left Stanford at the age of 19 with the idea of ​​making lab tests cheaper, faster, and less painful.

At its peak, Theranos was valued at $ 9 billion – top lucrative investors such as media mogul Rupert Murdoch, the Walton family of Walmart, former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the owner of New England. Patriots Robert Kraft.

The trial, which is expected to last 13 weeks, is expected to bring together leading witnesses and dramatic moments.

Jury selection comes after the shocking revelation of sealed new documents to lay the groundwork for Holmes’ sanity defense. The once outspoken CEO is expected to claim that her former business partner and boyfriend, Sunny Balwani, assaulted her psychologically, emotionally and sexually for more than a decade. Balwani has denied the allegations.

The subject of intimate partner violence was discussed with potential jurors.

Davila asked the jury on Wednesday about their experience with domestic violence, and about a dozen raised their hands to share their heartbreaking experiences with a crowded courtroom.

Earlier today, a potential jury member said he would like Holmes to speak if he is chosen to join the jury.

“I think I want to hear her testimony and hear what she is going through, her side, her story or her experience,” he said. “For me, that would probably help me understand what is going on in this trial.”

The judge backed down, reminding the potential juror of the presumption of innocence until the accused was found guilty.

“I agree he shouldn’t be convicted, but I would still like to hear his side of the story,” the juror replied.

Prosecutors then asked the same man if he would hold it against Holmes if he did not testify.

“Not necessarily, I think it’s important to hear his voice and maybe who he is and what’s going through him,” he said. “I think it’s important to hear anything from the source.”

Among the omitted jurors: a Safeway employee, a man who said his mother-in-law had been jailed for fraud and embezzlement and several teachers who expressed difficulty in being fooled during the pandemic.

Another potential juror admitted to seeing a few “funny memes and pictures online” related to “a voice chat.” She continued, “People talk to different people in different ways, so I really don’t see anything that should influence my opinion.”


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