Elizabeth Holmes remains in $ 135 million Silicon Valley estate during Theranos trial

Elizabeth Holmes remains in $ 135 million Silicon Valley estate during Theranos trial

Woodside, California – On the same day former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was allowed to delay a criminal fraud trial over her pregnancy, her partner was fined.

William “Billy” Evans received a citation on March 17 for “failing to display the location of the license,” according to San Mateo County Court records.

The quote revealed a new address for the couple: a home on the ultra-succulent grounds of Green Gables, one of America’s most expensive estates.

CNBC has independently confirmed that Holmes and Evans currently live in one of the homes on the 74-acre property. The historic property, which is currently on sale for $ 135 million, is located in Woodside, one of the wealthiest towns in Silicon Valley. The first statements from his trial begin this week.

The Green Gables website claims it is an “architectural masterpiece in the most beautiful setting of nature”.

Four swimming pools, including a stadium-sized Roman swimming pool, a tennis court, a flower and botanical garden, and a reservoir exclusive to the property, adorn the grounds. Green Gables, which was built in 1911, conjures up an image of an enchanted forest with deer running through the property.

The listing is managed by Christie’s International Real Estate and Compass Real Estate. Over the years, the property has hosted royalty, politicians, the Silicon Valley elite, and even the United Nations.e Birthday party. And now you can add houses to this list.

The English country-style main house is a 10,000-square-foot, nine-bedroom “Arts and Crafts Mansion,” according to the website. The other six houses on the property are more modest, in which a Holmes and his partner live. A courthouse clerk confirmed to CNBC that the address on Evans’ quote was one of the houses in the Green Gables Estate.

The town of Woodside is 25 miles from the San Jose Federal Courthouse, where Holmes is fighting a dozen charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. It’s home to some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names, including billionaire Larry Ellison (Oracle co-founder and CEO), Charles Schwab, Gordon Moore (Intel co-founder) and venture capitalist John Doerr.

On the city’s main street, a store owner told CNBC: “If you want to hide, you hide here.” Another described it as a place “where people go to sleep.” The quaint and quaint town features a Michelin-starred restaurant where billionaires are frequently seen, a small bakery, and a local grocery store. Residents said they had not seen Holmes until recently.

Jury selection in the trial began last week after four delays, including a delay in March due to Holmes’ pregnancy.

“I can’t really comment on the tenants on the property,” Jackery Wright, executive director / regional manager of Christie’s, told CNBC. When asked about Holmes, one of Compass’s listing agents, Helen Miller, said, “I don’t know. I would know, not to my knowledge, ”she said later. I can’t talk to who’s hiring.

Miller said there had been “considerable interest” in purchasing the property, with four homes on the property rented out on an annual basis. The property also hosts around 10 weddings each summer.

According to the property’s website, San Francisco banker and businessman Mortimer Fleishaker built the property as a summer vacation for his family. It has been passed down through many generations. In a promotional video, one of Fleishhacker’s great-grandsons said: “What he has built in Green Gables is undoubtedly one of the greatest private real estate gems in the world.

Holmes’ attorneys did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Holmes’ life outside of court has been the subject of much speculation. In 2019, an employee at Michelin-starred restaurant Spruce in San Francisco told CNBC he had seen Holmes eat there several times. That same year, CNBC learned that Holmes and Evans lived in a two-bedroom, $ 5,000-per-month apartment in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.

For now, outside of the media mess at Holmes courthouse, Evans and his newborn baby have kept a low profile – living a very different life from when he was CEO of Theranos. Meanwhile, Holmes graced the covers of the magazine named one of Time, Inc.’s 100 Most Influential People. Honored as “The Next Steve Jobs” by The Magazine and “The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire” by Forbes .

He has built relationships with politicians, celebrities and CEOs. But his star power began to explode after former Wall Street Journal reporter John Carrero published a series of reports that his Theranos blood test technique had not worked.



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