Elizabeth Holmes trial delayed after juror may have been exposed to Covid

Prosecution and defense make opening statements

The fraud trial of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has been halted after a juror revealed in court that she was potentially exposed to Covid and was awaiting test results.

In an emergency Zoom hearing on Thursday night, U.S. District Court Judge Edward Davila told Holmes and government attorneys he received an email from Juror No.9 on Thursday stating that he had been on display over the holiday weekend. Maybe, but they didn’t show any symptoms.

“It’s a bit, I don’t mean to say ominous, but it’s a concern we have a problem with before we wrap up the first witness,” Davila said. “For our good there are still high numbers in the county and we hope everyone is safe. “

The government retreated, however, in expressing concern over the delay in the trial, when it planned to call given the number of witnesses. U.S. Deputy Lawyer Jeff Schenk told the judge the juror, who had been vaccinated, currently had no symptoms and it was not clear if he had been in close contact with COVID-19.

Schenk said: “I think at the level where we are at it would be prudent to proceed to the hearing tomorrow, but I understand that the court may decide to take extra precautions, especially at the beginning to be a bit more safe.” “

He later said: “I think we are a little concerned about the total number of witnesses in this trial over the next few months. But I can’t tell the court what day tomorrow really makes the difference. This challenge. Not here.”

The long-awaited trial began on Wednesday with opening statements. Preventive measures were posted in a San José courtroom filled with plexiglass panels, at the back of the jurors’ lodge and where lawyers speak, in front of the judge. The courtroom also installed several air purifiers and an improved filtration system.

Holmes faces a dozen counts of wire fraud and conspiracy. He promised not to be guilty.


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