Elon Musk mocks President Biden after SpaceX completes first all-civilian mission

Elon Musk mocks President Biden after SpaceX completes first all-civilian mission

After SpaceX wrapped up a historic private space flight on Saturday, CEO Elon Musk took a shot at President Joe Biden, who had yet to comment on the achievements of the company and the civilian flight crew.

One of Musk’s 60 million subscribers on the social networking platform Twitter asked, “The President of the United States also refused to accept the 4 new American astronauts who helped raise hundreds of million dollars for St. What’s your theory as to why? “

Musk replied, “He’s still sleeping.”

As previously reported by CNBC, SpaceX safely returned its Crew Dragon spacecraft from orbit yesterday. The capsule brought four members of the Inspiration 4 mission back to Earth after three days in space.

A key goal of the Inspiration4 mission was to raise $ 200 million for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He had raised $ 160.2 million on Saturday. Celebrating after the Inspiration4 splash, Musk personally pledged $ 50 million, bringing the campaign’s total to $ 210 million.

The White House and SpaceX did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Senior NASA officials praised Musk and SpaceX for Inspiration 4. SpaceX’s competitors also acknowledged this, with praise shared on social media by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin and Musk’s colleague and rival. , Jeff Bezos.

It was the first SpaceX private space flight with an unprofessional crew. Additionally, the mission included the first black woman to serve as a spacecraft pilot, the youngest American to become an astronaut to date, and the first person to fly into space with a prosthesis.

Although Musk recently said he “would rather stay out of politics,” his quip on Sunday indicated a willingness to steer the Democratic president and repeat right-wing taunts about Biden.

During his 2020 campaign, former President Donald Trump often insulted then-candidate Biden by calling him “Sleepy Joe.”

Most recently, Trump sent Biden sarcastic greetings ahead of a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in June. “Kudos to Biden for dealing with President Putin – don’t sleep during the meeting, and please pass on my warmest wishes to him,” she said in an emailed statement at the time.

SpaceX generally has a good relationship with the federal government. For example, it won a $ 2.89 billion contract to build NASA’s next manned lunar lander, beating Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Leidos affiliate Dianetics, and SpaceX has so far brought in 10 astronauts on the ISS for NASA. sent.

However, SpaceX is also under investigation by the Justice Department following allegations it discriminated against job seekers on the basis of citizenship status – an investigation which began under the administration. Trump.

In addition to his responsibilities at SpaceX, Musk is also the CEO of electric vehicle maker Tesla. (Tesla is also a supplier to SpaceX.)

In that capacity, he lamented a recent proposal from the Biden administration that would allocate an additional $ 4,500 in incentives to buyers of certain new electric light passenger vehicles. One of the conditions of the proposal is that electric vehicles be unionized at the national level.

While the company already operates a battery plant in Nevada and a vehicle assembly plant in California, with another under construction outside of Austin, Texas, Tesla is the only major U.S. automaker whose production is not federated here.

Musk said on Twitter on September 12 of the proposal, “This is written by Ford / UAV lobbyists as they build their electric cars in Mexico. It’s unclear how he serves US taxpayers.”

In Cars.com’s annual American Made Index for 2021, Tesla’s popular Model 3 electric sedan tops the rankings, and its Model Y crossover takes third place.


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