Emmy ratings rebound from all-time low of last year

Emmy ratings rebound from all-time low of last year

An Emmy bust at “Sneak Peak” on the Los Angeles Academy of Television Arts and Sciences campus shows Biggest Night at Television Academy in Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

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The 73rd annual Television Academy Awards, broadcast on CBS on Sunday, increased viewers to 7.4 million, according to preliminary figures from Nielsen.

While 2021’s audiences were 45% larger than last year, Hollywood’s top awards shows have experienced a decline in viewership over the past decade. Last year’s show only attracted 5.1 million viewers in total, an all-time high, down 14% from the previous year.

Even Oscar suffered. The ceremony last April had the lowest audience ever to receive an awards ceremony. The February Golden Globes saw ratings drop 60% to just 6.9 million viewers from 18.3 million viewers the year before.

It’s entirely possible that these shows are getting more attention than reported, as Nielsen’s data does not include audience figures on streaming platforms. Still, it seems that the public has largely grown nostalgic for these celebrations.

And who can blame them? At over three hours long, these celebrations can have 16 to 20 minutes of commercials every hour and are often filled with less than funny skits that extend the celebrations even further.

Sunday’s show got off to a flying start, with host Cedric the Entertainer starting the night with a karaoke performance of “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie, assisted by Rita Wilson, LL Cool J and Lil Dicky.

Cedric the Entertainer, Rita Wilson and LL Cool J appeared at the 73rd Emmy Awards.

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The audience, which included around 500 nominees and guests, joined us, stood up, applauded and sang. The energy level for the show’s first hour was contagious as “Ted Lasso” clinched two back-to-back acting awards, leading to moving speeches from first-time winners Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein.

Then that energy fell. Aside from a clever piece from the cast of “Shit’s Creek,” as they featured the categories for Best Direction for Drama and Comedy, and a pre-made skit featuring popular actors who didn’t win the awards. Emmy Awards, most comedic interludes performed overnight. Floped.

This included a short skit of Cedric interacting with his former TV wives, a scathing Met Gala joke featuring the cast of his CBS show “The Neighborhood”, and notables such as Cedric himself debating the vice president. TV moments included.



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