Extreme weather “a little preview of what will happen”, warn climatologists

Extreme weather

Climatologist Andrew Dessler on CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith” warned that extreme weather in the United States, from the devastating Caldor fire on the West Coast to deadly floods and tornadoes on the East Coast, could be compared. to future weather events. It can fade. ”

“This is climate change, and this is just a small glimpse of what, if we don’t start, will stop emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,” said Dessler, professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University. “We really have to do it, or we’ll see it like the good old days.”

2020 saw, in fact, the highest concentration of greenhouse gases ever recorded in Earth’s atmosphere. A recent UN report warned that the climate crisis was going to worsen.

A rare tornado hit Mulica Hill, New Jersey, Wednesday night as Ida’s remains devastated the area. Mulica Hill is located in Harrison Township, and its mayor, Louis Manzo, told “The News with Shepard Smith” that such rare weather events indicate the need to reassess the zoning of properties in the area. and the infrastructure is created.

“To be completely honest it’s undeniable, we’ve been dealing with bigger weather events lately, no matter what you think is the root, the same is true,” said Majno.

Dassler said it’s time to start looking at coastal cities like New York City and figure out how long it would be viable for people to actually live there.

“We’re looking at cities on the coast like Miami, Houston and now New York, and you think, could these people live in these places for a century? Dassler said in an interview Thursday night. “If not, when are we going to move them? I think this is really an open question, but it is a question that we have to deal with as soon as possible.


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