Fauci says he wouldn’t be surprised if the full regimen consisted of three doses.

Fauci says he wouldn't be surprised if the full regimen consisted of three doses.

White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr Anthony Fauci said Thursday he would not be surprised if the full recommended regimen for Pfizer and Modern COVID-19 vaccines in the United States becomes three doses instead of two .

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said giving people an extra dose, or perhaps a final dose, several months after their initial vaccination, helps the immune system to mature.

“I have to say from my experience as an immunologist, I would not be at all surprised if three doses is enough for a complete vaccination regimen,” Fauci told reporters during a COVID briefing at the White House.

The infectious disease expert’s comments come as the Biden administration prepares to begin widely distributing COVID booster shots in the week of September 20.

The plan, presented by senior health officials last month, calls for a third dose eight months after people receive a second injection of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

Federal health officials cited three new studies released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that the vaccine’s protection against COVID infection waned several months after people received their second dose.

Health experts say it is not uncommon for vaccines to require more than two doses. For example, hepatitis B and HPV vaccinations require a third dose, with several months between the second and third injection.

While Americans may possibly need a third injection, some health experts have urged authorities not to call them “boosters.” This is because, as with other vaccines, Americans may not need as many boosters afterwards.

Fauci said Thursday he would leave it up to the Food and Drug Administration and other regulators to make a decision on the full diet, but it’s reasonable to believe that three doses would provide a longer lasting immune response.

“If it’s long-lasting, you’ll probably have a regular three-dose regimen,” he said.


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