Former NFL star Terrell Owens joins OnlyFans

Former NFL star Terrell Owens joins OnlyFans

Terrell Owens at the Enercare Center in Toronto, Canada.

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Terrell Owens joins OnlyFans.

The former National Football League star will launch an on-site channel to host wide-receiver fitness sessions, jumpstart his career and preview his professional efforts off the pitch. The specific terms of Owens’ deal with OnlyFan were not disclosed, but creators of content on the platform make money from subscriptions and share the revenue with OnlyFan.

In an interview with CNBC on Thursday, Owens said he would also collect a fee for the use of his name, image and likeness.

Asked about the deal, he said: “I’m trying to be a businessman.” “These terms will be dealt with with my legal services and [OnlyFans] legal.”

London-based OnlyFans was founded in 2016 and the company claims to have 130 million users, more than 1.5 million content creators and generated more than $ 400 million in revenue in 2020, according to Bloomberg. OnlyFans is owned by the software company Fenix ​​International. Ltd. – A company valued at $ 1.4 billion according to Pitchbook.

OnlyFans says it paid more than $ 5 billion to the creators, including the creators of sexual content, who helped popularize the site. On August 20, OnlyFans announced it would ban pornographic videos. Owens was originally scheduled to join the OnlyFans last month, but the announcement was delayed due to a brief ban. Founder Tim Stokely told the Financial Times banks were behind the decision, but following user comments, OnlyFans rescinded the ban.

Owens has joined other personalities in stage entertainment, who have exploded during the pandemic. Endeavor-owned Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Sean O’Malley has an account, and music star Cardi B also has a subscription plan of $ 4.99 per month. Owens did not specify how much it would cost to subscribe to his page.

Owens, 47, called OnlyFans a “one-stop-shop,” but warned, “I won’t be providing any sexual content. It’s not just Risk and other things that are associated with OnlyFans,” Owens said. . “But it’s another platform to connect with my fans outside of other social media platforms.”

Terrell Owens # 81 of the Dallas Cowboys runs with the ball against the New York Giants at Giants Stadium on December 3, 2006 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Michael Heyman | Getty Images

Back in the NFL?

According to Spottrack, over his 16-year career, Owens earned around $ 79 million (before taxes and agent fees). He spent time with teams such as the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

Reflecting on his days in the NFL, Owens said he lost almost all of his NFL earnings due to “bad experiences” and a lack of financial literacy. He also blamed inadequate financial representation and advice for the drop in income.

“I never want a child to go through what I’ve been through,” Owens said. Explaining that he wants to help young athletes who are preparing to enter the space of the void. “I’m in a better position to ask the right questions,” he said.

Owens was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 2018 after finishing his career with 15,934 yards (third in NFL history), 158 touchdowns (fourth in 219 games). Although semi-retired, Owens still wants to play and said the NFL team owner had alerted him to get ready.

When asked about the owner, Owens did not give a team. However, Owens said he doesn’t generate any interest from any of his former teams.

“I miss the competition,” said Owens. “When I left the game, I never left on my own terms. This (back to the NFL) is an opportunity – when it presents itself – to take advantage of it and make the most of it.

The 2021 NFL season begins next week, with the Cowboys visiting Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 9. Asked about his favorite for the upcoming season, Owens picked the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, “and you can’t ignore the Buffalo Bills,” Owens said.

– reporter Ryan Brown contributed to this article.



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