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Someone should have covered me. I left The Headache Part II tilt shocked and manhandled, thinking how horrible things have come to decent satire. To rephrase Ken Jeong’s mobster Mr. Chow, “I need answers, bitches.” How would a 2009 raunchfest that cracked a smile all over the place that I couldn’t weaken turn into a virus dish of messy seconds?

The first headache surprised me. Rather than a torrential slide of unbridled male party retweets, chef and co-essayist Todd Phillips has upped today’s standards by leaving the damn party behind and focusing on the pragmatic intelligence of the front and rear. after. Plus, he discovered the perfect performers to strike heads and spirits as a sissy wolf pack teetering from a Vegas drinking bout that people can’t remember. From the second on, Bradley Cooper, as the hitch educator Phil, called the lady to tell her that he, her weak dental companion, Stu (Ed Rudders), and

The lady’s maniacal brother Alan (Zach Galifianakis) had lost lucky man Doug (Justin Bartha) in Wrongdoing City, the movie turned a rotten sham into a funhouse. The Headache grossed $ 467 million gross and the title of best adult parody, indeed, for all eternity.

A continuation seems like an easy decision. Take similar bindings, add another zone – Bangkok replaces Vegas – and history rehashes the same. But this is not the case. The Headache Part II is certainly not an absolute disappointment. Phillips guides Galifianakis to a few powerful hoots, but that’s a mistake, which to me is more enthusiastic to accept than a miserable disappointment. Epic inconvenience applies unreasonable interest, like Caddyshack II without Bill Murray. Either way, the follow-up to The Headache is there, standing needlessly in the light even with the host group’s mostly champions in place.

Cooper, extraordinary in Boundless, is not approached to accomplish more than look pretty. The rudders, so strong at Cedar Rapids, are pushed hard. Excessively hard. Son Stu is currently the lucky man on hand, which brings young men to Thailand. The keepers of the Lady of the Hour, Lauren (Jamie Chung), need the wedding on their own land. Her father, Fohn (Nirut Sirichanya), thinks Stu is a cat, and proudly focuses on his 16-year-old child prodigy, Teddy (Artisan Lee), a cello ace preordering at Stanford. The Laws of Sequel require the child to join the wolf pack at Stu’s Bachelor Party. During their night in Bangkok, Teddy finishes MIA. “Bangkok has it,” Mr. Chow whispers.

The rated shit hits the fan like an angry pivot (Paul Giamatti), an angry Russian horde, a grueling facial tattoo, a tranny prostitute, a cut finger and a monkey with a monkey on his back, which is a terrible propensity. to smoke. The fault, unsurprisingly, can be attributed to Alan, who added some marshmallows with muscle relaxants and his ADD drug. Results? The drugs have sparked an uproar in which people get up in the morning after being careless about what happened the night before when they played with fire. Somehow Alan shaves his head and Galifianakis walks away with every scene worth taking.

In the new Hollywood, Galifianakis is the go-to companion for executioners’ giggles. Indeed, even with Part II going crazy, he gives the film a middle; he’s incredibly entertaining, but on top of that, he contacts us in shocking ways to make us believe in Alan’s need for a seat. The rest is hyper energy with no real goal. By filling the film with episodes – chases that include vehicles, boats, and bicycles – Phillips brings out the intricacies of the person that made the first film a memorable party.

Who is responsible for the shit? This time, Phillips co-composed the content with various copyists whose credits don’t warrant certainty: Scot Armstrong trimmed the Farrelly siblings flop in The Horrible Child, and Craig Mazin records the alarming movies 3 and 4 on his credit sheet (charge?). On the flip side, Phillips partnered energetically on the main Headache with Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who executed the misdeeds of Four Christmases and Phantoms of Sweethearts Past. The problem is, The Headache Part II is by no means a movie, it’s just a diagram for one. To people who say the practicality and the haste of a big paycheck have avoided getting this without the sizzle to continue in the

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