How Jessica Alba Defeated Her Opponents When Establishing The Honest Business

How Jessica Alba Defeated Her Opponents When Establishing The Honest Business

Today, Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is a publicly traded company valued at approximately $ 1 billion. But when the “Dark Angel” actress decided to start her own consumer goods startup in 2012, she encountered many skeptics, including herself.

In the years that followed, he had to work to counter his opponents, developing strategies to respond to critics concerned with his business acumen. “I love the facts and the data,” Alba recently told People. “So whenever there’s an naysayer with a laundry list explaining why everything shouldn’t be there, I like to ask the question. ‘Oh really? Why couldn’t this work? And then you collect all the data you need to get in there and hit it over the head with it.

The preparedness strategy works especially well, Alba said, when you control your behavior when asking these questions. “If you give it away with a smile, it’s just the fact,” she said.

Alba’s advice is simple, but certainly not easy – a fact the 40-year-old mother of three admitted to having sleepless nights and missed weekends since the early days of Honest Company. It’s hard to put a smile on your face when you’re tired, but Alba said it takes a substantial amount of work to get the business off the ground: “Every detail counts.

The road has been strewn with pitfalls for several years after its launch: the company has faced class action lawsuits over the past nine years for false advertising, management disturbances and a failed initial public offering. . For the Alba the key was to eliminate outside noise, which is easier said than done. “I guess the secret [to success] Surround yourself with incredibly intelligent, mission-focused people and make sure no matter the size of your business that you are aligned, ”she told Vanity in 2016 at the Fair.

According to Bloomberg, the company went public successfully in May, earning Alba around $ 122 million.

Last year, Alba told People that she too was diagnosed with impostor syndrome early on. “[I] I always felt like I didn’t deserve to be here, ”said Alba. Instead, she would attribute it to something else – fate, magic or God – until her husband, Hollywood producer Cash Warren, told her straight. Her success came from the “hard work” she put in. Her message: she deserved to be there like everyone else.

“And over time, I feel like I let it sink and marinate,” she said.

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