If you want to travel less, visit these affordable American cities

If you want to travel less, visit these affordable American cities

A tourist boat passes statues of cowboys along Oklahoma City’s Bricktown Canal. Western heritage is a big attraction in the capital of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ready to go on vacation after a long pandemic drought, but don’t look to burst in the process?

The online airport parking platform ParkSleepFly ranked the least and least affordable options across 51 U.S. destinations for vacationers, weighing in on six measures ranging from the average price of a beer to the typical cost of a night in ‘accommodation.

Oklahoma’s capital, aptly named Oklahoma City, came in at No.1, ParkSleepFly found, with a score of 8.58 out of a possible 10. Thanks to $ 3, $ 11.50 for restaurant meals and $ 106 for great deals like beer, said Martin Jones, CEO of ParkSleepfly. , “Tourists to Oklahoma City can extend their vacations nearly three times as long as those who visit New York. “

“Although not at the top of most people’s list, Oklahoma City is a great place to visit,” Jones said. “Known for its cowboy culture, this town is a must visit for tourists wishing to experience the Old West.”

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Speaking of the Wild West, three Texas cities – San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth – ranked fifth, sixth, and seventh in the top 10, respectively, for affordability. Other affordable destinations (in descending order of capacity) include Indianapolis, Indiana, at No. 2; Tucson, Arizona (3); Memphis, Tennessee (4); Louisville, Kentucky (8); Orlando, Florida (9); and Raleigh, North Carolina (10).

Which cities should you avoid to avoid high vacation costs? No surprise there, Jones said. The five most expensive US destinations include, at number 1, New York City (in general) and, at number 4, its constituent borough of Brooklyn. Their power out of 10 scores were 2.56 and 3.76, respectively.

The online airport parking platform ParkSleepFly has ranked the fewest and least affordable US destination cities for vacationers to achieve a ‘Vacation Affordability Score’ of 1-10, based on on the prices of alcoholic beverages, restaurant meals, transport and accommodation. Metric weight. Here are the top 10 most affordable spots and their scores (out of 10 possible):

  1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 8.58
  2. Indianapolis, Indiana – 8.00
  3. Tucson, Arizona – 7.96
  4. Memphis, Tennessee – 7.87
  5. San Antonio – 7.77
  6. Houston – 7.73
  7. Fort Worth, Texas – 7.70
  8. Louisville, Kentucky – 7.67
  9. Orlando, Florida – 7.65
  10. Raleigh, NC – 7.62

Source: Parksleepfly

The Big Apple, all in all, is the most expensive in 4 of the 6 measures examined: beer ($ 7.81), bottle of wine ($ 15), restaurant food ($ 20), and hotel stay (309 $ per night.) These prices are double or triple those found in Oklahoma City.

The second most expensive, according to the study, is San Francisco, followed by Boston at number 3. Philadelphia is one of the five most valuable places for visitors.

“Some of the most popular tourist destinations in America, such as New York and San Francisco, are the most expensive destinations to live in,” Jones said. “However, if you have upcoming travel plans there are several ways you can cut costs while you are there.”

Favorite for NYC? how to save

New York and its borough of Brooklyn are both ranked among America’s most expensive destinations. In the photo, the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan.

Tim Roberts | Getty Images

Jones’ tips for saving money while on vacation, wherever you go, include:

  1. Choose another accommodation: “Airbnb, or timeshare, can be a great way to cut costs on your next vacation to the United States. If you’re willing to give up a bit of luxury (and privacy), hostels can be a great way to save money.
  2. Meals in: “Living in a self-catering accommodation can also save you money on food and drinks. While dining out is a big part of your vacation experience, save a few dollars for at least two meals a day for your try cooking and eating in the accommodation.
  3. Take public transport or walk: “Choosing public transport can save you a lot of money. Alternatively, exploring your destination on foot is not only a great way to save money, but one of the best ways to truly experience a city.
  4. Visit the free attractions: “You don’t have to spend a lot to see the sights of the city you’re visiting. In fact, there are tons of things to see and do at all of the more expensive destinations on our list, for absolutely no cost.

ParkSleepFly, an online platform where travelers can book hotel deals for one or two nights, including long-term parking privileges and an airport shuttle service (instead of traditional parking arrangements at the airport). airport), of the following factors 51 US cities are ranked, giving each a standardized score out of 10 for each factor, before averaging all the criteria to give a final accessibility score out of 10:

  • the price of a 0.5 liter domestic draft beer;
  • the price of a mid-range bottle of wine;
  • the cost of food in a cheap restaurant;
  • average fare of one kilometer by taxi;
  • the cost of a one-way trip by local public transit; And
  • Cost of a weekend night at the hotel.

According to ParkSleepFly, all prices are taken from Numbeo’s cost of living index, with the exception of hotel prices per night, obtained from Kayak and the average price for Friday and Saturday nights over the two weeks. ending August 12, 2021 was calculated based on



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