Is Archie Battersby alive or dead? What went wrong with him? Death rumors are a hoax for a reason!

Was Archie Battersby Dead or Alive? What happened to him? Death Rumors Hoax Reason Explained!
Was Archie Battersby Dead or Alive? What happened to him? Death Rumors Hoax Reason Explained!

According to a story from London, a youngster who had been on life support is now being removed. The parents are taken aback and want the administration to keep the system in place. We’re talking about 12-year-old Archie Battersby, who is presently on a life support system after suffering brain injury in early April and undergoing medical treatments. of life support with which his parents disagree.

Please elaborate on what occurred and why the London court issued such a remark. Archie’s life support equipment must be switched off since the youngster is brain dead, according to the British court, and he must be taken off a ventilator.

What was Archie Battersby’s real name?

The youngster is being treated at London Hospital in East London. The kid is just two years old, and his parents claim that his heart is still pumping and that they wanted to treat him despite his brain not reacting. Aside from that, the High Court stated that Arbuthnot feels the physicians should cease treating the kid since he is brain stem dead and died on May 31, 2022. He must be removed from the ventilator.

Despite this, Archie’s mother indicated that the court’s decision has upset her and that the family would file an appeal for the boy’s treatment. The parents of lawyer Archie, on the other hand, have urged High Court Arbuthnot that they need to reconsider what is best for the children, particularly Archie.

Is Archie Battersby alive or dead?

They need to consider Archie’s significance. According to the court, the youngster fell in early April and died of the bran in May. Despite this, the youngster did not regain consciousness following the event, despite treatment.

While Archie’s mother’s lawyer stated that the boy’s heart is still beating, indicating that he is still alive and that his care at the hospital must continue.

Archie’s mother also testified that her son had grasped her hand and that she was saddened by the court’s decision. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the decision.

Funeral and Obituary for Archie Battersby

On the basis of an MRI scan, no one can declare him dead. According to her, this is the first time someone has been declared dead based on an MRI scan. The small youngster was preparing to do a TikTok performance when he strangled himself in his shoelace and collapsed, striking his head and knocking him out. He has been in a coma since the tragedy occurred on April 7, 2022. He was put down after being smacked in the head until his parents discovered him unresponsive at home.

Then he was admitted to the hospital, and the rest is history. Despite Archie’s parents’ protests, the court allowed the statement, despite Archie’s parents’ best efforts to prevent it.


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