Jeep and Ram partner with Bono (RED) for special edition vehicles

Jeep and Ram partner with Bono (RED) for special edition vehicles

Bono at the World Economic Forum 2016 in Davos, Switzerland.

David A. Grogan | CNBC

Jeep, Ram Trucks and Fiat are teaming up with organization leader U2 Bono (RED) to deliver special edition vehicles that aim to raise more than $ 4 million to fight health crises.

The vehicles will include “(RED)” versions of the Jeep Compass and Renegade small SUVs, the Ram 1500 pickup and for Europe, an electric version of the Fiat 500, which the company had previously discontinued in the United States.

Proceeds from the sale of the vehicles will support the Global Fund, which began operations in 2002 to end the epidemics of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It has since expanded to include aid for the coronavirus pandemic.

The tie-up is the latest for (RED), which has partnered with Amazon, Apple, Beats and Starbucks in the past. It is also added to the list of collaborations of the automaker Stelantis, marketing director Olivier François, formerly Fiat Chrysler and manufacturer of Jeep, Ram and Fiat vehicles. He is known to have convinced brands such as Gucci and celebrities such as Eminem, Bill Murray and Bruce Springsteen to partner or advertise the automaker.

2022 Jeep Compass Edition (Red)

Source: Stelantis

“As the first automotive brand to partner with RED (RED), a leader in the global fight against the pandemic, our immediate goal is to create a platform to help address these global health emergencies, including COVID-19 relief efforts. The call to action must begin. Francois said in a statement.

(RED) co-founder Bono called the partnership with the automaker a “coup in the arm” for the “organization’s fight against the pandemic and the complacency that fuels them.”

2022 Jeep Compass Edition (Red)

Source: Stelantis

“I am here to sell the idea that until this pandemic is defeated everywhere, no one is safe,” Bono said at a summit press conference at the former Fiat headquarters in Turin , in Italy. “I’m not sure it’s clear that people realize that it’s not an act of charity to vaccinate people living on the other side of the world, it’s enlightened selfishness. “

The Jeep Compass and the Fiat 500 (RED) are red in color. The Ram 1500 is black with red badges and accents. All vehicles have other red features and a special badge (RED).

(RED), named after the color of the emergency, is not a non-profit organization. It is an organization created by Bono and activist Bobby Shriver in 2012 to donate to businesses and raise awareness for its causes.

(RED), which has been criticized for its financial transparency and for partnering with companies that can easily offer to give money, reports that it has generated nearly $ 700 million for the Global Fund. , which has helped over 220 million people.

2022 Ram 1500 (RAM) Red Edition




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