Missing father, three children found safe and sound after three weeks

Missing father, three children found safe and sound after three weeks

Tom Phillips and his three children – Jayda Jin, 8, Maverick, 6, and Amber, 5, have not been seen since 9/11.

One person and three children, reported missing in Marocopa, were found unharmed.

Police have confirmed the man – Tom Phillips – and his three children have been around since they went missing about three weeks ago.

Phillips and their three children – Jayda Jin, 8, Maverick, 6, and Amber, 5 – had not been seen since 9/11.

Hundreds of locals and volunteers, as well as police and emergency services, have spent several days searching for families in the Kiritehare and Marakopa area since Monday, September 13.

Police are due to release more details later this afternoon.

Earlier this month, the children’s uncle, Paul Phillips, was growing increasingly nervous about finding them alive.

“Our biggest fear is that it is possible that a rogue wave could come and take them to the sea. Because Tom was an extremely resilient person, we hope that Tom took the children to the camp,” he said. at the time. .

“This is something he was more than capable of, yes he was a very tough man, a capable hunter and he knew how to take care of himself and knew how to manage.”

“It’s more and more likely that this isn’t the answer we want,” Phillips told the Herald last week.

We all want them at home – Mom

The mother of the children previously thanked those involved in the search, including search and rescue personnel from Waikato Police, Waitomo Landsaar, Hamilton Landsar, Fire and Emergency New Zealand and Surf Life Saving NZ.

“We would also like to thank the air support units that help with the search, the local Ivy and the community for their support and preparing the food donations, all Koha and the families of all who helped support them during their time. . Mentioned for the family.

“We are incredibly touched by the generosity and support shown by everyone during this difficult time.

“We all want Tom, Jayda, Maverick and Amber to be home.”

Less than a week ago, officials announced that the group’s daily searches would be suspended.

“The family understand that the police are committed to bringing their loved ones home, but the daily physical searches will be suspended for the time being and we will move into a ‘reactive’ phase,” zone commander Will Loughrin told the era.

“This means that the police will be available to respond to any new information and will launch searches if necessary,” he said.

Loughrin said the investigation phase of the operation was still ongoing at the time, with investigators continuing to provide follow-up information as they arrived.

He asked anyone who found an object of interest, including clothing, to contact the police, which stretch north to Papanui Point (near Raglan) and Waikawau Beach in the south.

It was initially believed that the family may have gone missing at sea after Phillips’ vehicle was found on the beach.

The day after the family’s last visit, Kiritehare stood facing the sea on the beach.

The keys were kept under the doormat.

The circumstances of the family’s disappearance and how long they have been in Marcopa since the report of the disappearance have not been disclosed.

Loughrin said more details would be given at a press conference scheduled for 3 p.m. today.



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