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naveena thenali auditing and updating the story of the film?

Sandeep Kishan is a young artist who learned about the business as a craftsman and later turned into a saint. Despite his great success as a saint, Sandeep could not get the image of the star. Errors in the determination of history put the profession of this young saint in a difficult situation. However, Sandeep, who has been taking illustrations since his debut, is currently planning his calling with caution.

Sandeep Kishan, who recently had great success with his film Nidanu Needanu Nene, recently released with Tenali Ramakrishna BABL. Zee Nageshwarreddy is the supervisor of this film which was delivered as a parody performer. Hansika played the champion while Tamil artist Varalakshmi Sarathkumar took on another key role.

Regarding the story .. Tenali Ramakrishna BABL (Sandeep Kishan) Lawyer. He invests his free energy regardless of the number of offers he makes to his closest customers. His father Durgarao (Raghubabu) prevents his child from stumbling into great difficulty by supporting a major business and getting a major name, whether or not there are small business pulverized. Case or empty tenali… Criminal legal adviser Chakravarti (Murali Sharma) becomes hopelessly in love with his daughter Rukmini (Hansika).

In the city of Kurnool, there is a battle of strength between Simhadri Naidu (Ayyappa Sharma) and Varalakshmi Devi (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar). Simhadri Naidu, who started out as a domineering fool and got statements, must also show his strength in government matters. Be that as it may, the industrialist Varmalakshmi is getting closer to individuals with his administrative programs which are good for individuals. Simhadri Naidu believes this will hamper Varalakshmi’s political career.

Simultaneously, a columnist was killed in Kurnool City. Accepting this as an open door, Simhadri Naidu must trap Varalakshmi for the situation. Head legal counsel will help you. Either way, without a second to waste, Tenali discovers the real truth and saves Varalakshmi from discipline. Tenali, who is happy to have won the case, knows the reality of the writer’s homicide. Who really killed these columnists? How did Tenali find out about this? This is the rest of the story.

Chef Zee Nageshwara Reddy, who had great accomplishments with the parody artists, arranged the film in a similar style. Nonetheless, the style was overly standard and didn’t work much. The chef, who started the film off as fascinating, totally put that point aside in the main half. Throughout the primary, much of the saint coordinated with the scenes of worship between the brave women. Satire scattered, some enthusiastic ‘scenes’ however do not unfold in a drawing up to the crowd. The melodies make the first story slow in a significantly, truly humbling way. The tunes feel deliberately integrated.

At the end of the stretch, the story appears to have fallen into a slight gash. The chef, who offered a reprieve with an intriguing twist, then made the story much more boring. The legend and lowlife are given the meaning of satire, despite the fact that it could eventually lead strangely from one stature to another. The parody in the next half is remarkable. Tenali Ramakrishna frustrates the crowd as the pre-peak and peak scenes also go as planned.

As for the casting, Sandeep Kishan did his job fully. Divided into parody and activity scenes. Throughout the film, he carried yours on his shoulders. Hansika, who made a reappearance in Tollywood some time later, was not blown away. The lack of self-importance was disappointing as his appearance was not really remarkable. The entire film by Tamil artist Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is limited to a solitary articulation. Either way, Varalakshmi managed to show the necessary sophistication in his work. Murali Sharma ran for Schedule. Among the various characters, Raghubabu, Vennela Kishore, Prabhas Sreenu, Saptagiri, Posani Krishnamurali and so on have dazzled with their reach.

Nageshwara Reddy, a notable leader in the parody business, was a bit reluctant in this film. Exhausted by the parody scenes which are the same old thing. Indeed, even with extraordinary artists like Varalakshmi and Ayyappa Sharma, it seems they haven’t been fully utilized. Although the film’s runtime is short, the lack of interest in the narrative makes it overwhelming. Each scene is irritating as it stretches to accommodate the creative mind of the viewer.

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