Parents report they still haven’t received September CTC payment

Parents report they still haven't received September CTC payment

A week after the IRS sent out the September Child Tax Credit (CTC) payment, many parents told CNBC Make It that they still haven’t received their payment.

Parents say the IRS won’t give them a clear answer as to why they haven’t received the deposit yet, and the CTC portal on the agency’s website doesn’t even say the payment has still been processed.

“I relied on it, I budgeted for it,” says Lisa Haugen, 49, who received $ 250 for her daughter in July and August. “I’m furious. The IRS doesn’t have to admit us. Necessary [and] We have to find a way to let them know that we are affected. “

The September CTC payments were to be deposited directly on the 15th. While many families received their homes without any issues, others did not fare so well. Many parents tell CNBC Make It that they received their first two monthly payments with no problem and have no idea why that would be any different this time around.

CNBC Make It reported a delay in payments to the IRS last week, and after first stating that there was “no widespread problem,” the agency admitted it was at current of the missing repository and examining the situation. . On Tuesday of this week, the agency said it had no updates to share yet.

It’s unclear how many families have been affected, but hundreds have been contacted by CNBC Make It, and many are sharing their stories and asking for advice on Facebook and Reddit groups.

Ariel Schmidt, 30, says she planned to use the $ 300 she received for her son’s school fees. He tried to contact the IRS on several occasions, but to no avail.

“I really hope that they will play because with the end of the PUA…

“The IRS plays with everyone’s livelihoods through tough times,” says Schmidt.

Parents who were able to speak to IRS officials said they had different reactions to what happened. Some said they were told the issue would be fixed soon, while others said they were told they would receive the missing September payment when they file their taxes next year.

Haugen, who says she’s called the IRS every day since last Wednesday, says it’s not good enough.

“We obviously need the money now, not next year when we file taxes or move,” she says.

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