Partisan politics is hurting the fight against climate change in America

Partisan politics is hurting the fight against climate change in America

According to Bill Gates, in the United States, the fight against climate change is a political issue, and it cannot be.

“Unfortunately America is one of the worst in this matter, but we have to change that,” Gates said in an interview that aired Tuesday during NYC Climate Week.

While President Joe Biden has made climate change one of the priorities of his administration, former President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

“We can’t have a climate strategy where you have a few parties in power and they are doing a lot, but when you have other parties in power it all stops,” Gates said.

The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft and the Gates Foundation is also the founder of climate investment and innovation firm Breakthrough Energy, as well as the founder and chairman of advanced nuclear company TerraPower.

Decarbonizing economies and infrastructure is an important task.

“I see momentum building, I see awareness, but it will be the hardest thing humanity has ever done,” Gates said.

Gates, who published a book on climate change in February titled “How to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe,” said an already overwhelming challenge is to be continually under attack, not to which political party the White House belongs.

“It’s hard enough to drive innovation, deployment and cost reduction over this 30-year period, even if it doesn’t take a single day off,” said Gates.

“It’s not a small group in one country, just the Green Party, or just progressive people who believe in the cause, I would say it’s always high on the priority list in the fight against climate change.” , did he declare. of, he said.


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