Police fire: gunman in critical condition – gunned down by police after being chased in Auckland

Police fire: Armed man in critical condition – shot dead by police after being pursued in Auckland. Video / Supplies

Shocked residents saw a man gunned down by police clutching his bloodied chest after a spectacular 20km search in several Auckland suburbs.

A Lilac Grove resident and his family filmed the scene this morning as six police and St. John Ambulance workers carried a man wearing red shorts on a stretcher down an alley.

“You can definitely see some blood in his chest, under his armpits and on his hands as well.

“It looked like he was alive and still walking, but he was definitely hurt.”

Acting District Commander Inspector Matt Saroj spoke to the media this afternoon about what happened.

Saroj said that before 8:30 a.m. today, two police officers attempted to stop a vehicle that collided with their car and went ahead.

Eagle Helicopters monitored the car, which was traveling at high speed in the Otahuhu, Mangere, and Papatoetto areas. He said spikes were deployed, the vehicle drove to the Otahuhu address and stopped, and a man came out with a gun.

After that, the person entered and the car left. The driver stopped on the highway and got out. He jumped into another vehicle waiting for him on the highway.

A man in another car pointed a gun at police and a member of the public.

Mrhoj said the car peaked at Ellersley and headed for Hillsborough, and the man with the gun was pointing at people, Mrhoj said.

The driver fled to a bush area and the passenger pointed a gun at the police.

The police opened fire on the youth. He is now in critical but stable condition in hospital.

The driver was taken into custody and then taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Mrhoj said police were calling for witnesses for today’s incident, especially if they had video footage.

The incident was under investigation, confirmed Shreehoj.

He was able to confirm that a gun was in an abandoned car on the highway and another gun was found at the scene in Lilac Grove.

He praised the staff for their “courageous” actions.

“Staff come to work… to help keep our communities safe,” he said.

“It was an incredibly quick situation where the behavior of these men put members of the public at risk.”

No one else is wanted in connection with the incident, but police will talk to neighbors for information and insurance.

He said the men are known to the police.

Saroj did not confirm the man was on bail or was involved in a gang.

He said it looked like things had been coordinated after the vehicle was bitten.

“The public was in great danger,” he said. “Our employees have to overcome this problem. “

Police officers know risk is part of their job, he said.

If there is an immediate risk to the employees, there is an opportunity to divest the employees. The incident was brought under control on this occasion, he said.

He did not want to confirm whether the man opened fire or not.

“Of course it’s related … it’s a terrible incident happening on their street,” Saroj said of locals nearby.

He was not aware of anyone’s COVID status.

In a post-shoot video, the injured man can be seen being lifted into the back of the ambulance.

The morning chase started at Otahuhu before reaching near Greenlane and ending at Hillsborough.

The resident, who declined to be named, said she was working from home when she started hearing sirens.

Since Lilac Grove is a quiet, dead-end street “where there’s really nothing going on”, he feels like the sounds will subside.

Instead, it only speeded up and soon there were several St. John’s police cars and paramedics on the street.

Police cordoned off a driveway to chase away a vehicle.

“It was just so many cops, so many cops, running up the driveway with their guns where I think the car went.

Armed police and media are present on site.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Armed police and media are present on site. Photo / Dean Purcell

“I heard a bang and thought something had collapsed, but I think it was the car that got out and hit the sidewalk driveway as they were coming down the driveway. .

“My dad heard gunshots, I think five, something like that.”

They saw one person being carried on a stretcher, while another crosses a bush which takes him to another street.

“I heard something that sounded like firecrackers, it could have been gunshots, three of them,” Hillsborough resident Joseph told the Herald.

Joseph saw a man sitting behind a black police car with a mask on his face. He sat there for 15 to 20 minutes before other police vehicles arrived and they all left together.

He said a large number of police officers are still present in Carlton and Frederick streets.

The incident started at Otahuhu just before 9 a.m. and in the midst of our peak traffic to Greenlane and Hillsborough, motorists and even builders working on the site were taken aback.

Residents also reported gunshots or a police chase, which lasted over an hour and left one person in critical condition.

The car eventually pulled to a random stop at Lilac Grove in Hillsborough, where a man was shot and killed.

Police stormed Avenue Lilac after one person was arrested.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Police stormed Avenue Lilac after one person was arrested. Photo / Dean Purcell

Another person in the fleeing vehicle was arrested at Rendcombe Place.

Locals were informed that there is currently an increased police presence in the area, including Carlton and Frederick streets.

Police informed residents that the police presence in the area would be increased due to what had happened.

However, were not looking for anyone else.

A spokesperson for St. John’s said he was called to Hillsborough at 9:03 a.m. and shortly thereafter a man was taken to Auckland Hospital in critical condition. Another slightly injured person was treated on the spot.

“They were sitting in their car while the police were chasing them”

As the action unfolded, a man working at a construction site in Hillsborough told the Herald that police were following a car.

Police arrested a person on Avenue Lilac.
Police arrested a person on Avenue Lilac.

He saw a patrol vehicle approaching an intersection and an officer exited the vehicle.

The vehicle wanted by the police appeared and the officer drew his gun and held up the car.

“The police had pointed their guns at two people,” the man said. “I could see people drowning in their cars as they were being chased.

“There’s a fucking cop here and they’ve blocked off the road.”

A resident of the nearby Ellersley suburb said he heard gunshots around 8:55 a.m., followed by sirens and police helicopters near the intersection of Great South Road and Rockfield Road.

Another resident said he heard five gunshots and what sounded like a car chase.

A resident near the corner of Great South and Rockfield Rds said he heard three sharp gunshots and a high-speed car pass around 8:55 a.m.

St. John Ambulance personnel wearing protective vests at the Hillsborough scene.  Photo / Laura Beatty
St. John Ambulance personnel wearing protective vests at the Hillsborough scene. Photo / Laura Beatty

“It looked like a car was going so fast, you could hear a lot of things,” the man said.

“Then over the next five minutes, there were loads of sirens, and then the police helicopter was not far behind.”

The man, who was working from home at the time, said it looked like a police discovery.

Shocked residents of Hillsborough also watched as the police car crash into Lilac Grove, followed by St. John’s – accompanied by staff in armed vests – and finally an Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust helicopter circling overhead. .

A Randcomb Place resident saw police arrest a man on Dead-End Street.

When he got out this morning after hearing the siren, he saw that the front part of his house was closed and armed police were standing nearby.

Two helicopters were circling overhead.

video footage

The chase video shows a black Holden making a sharp right turn with traffic at a traffic light through an Auckland intersection.

The rear wheels of the car can be seen coming out during the turn as three police cars follow behind.

A fourth police car then joined in the pursuit.

At least a dozen other cars driven by members of the public are pulled into the intersection as the chase ensues.



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