Prince Andrew’s lawyer Jeffrey Epstein questions accuser’s trial

Prince Andrew's lawyer Jeffrey Epstein questions accuser's trial

A lawyer for Britain’s Prince Andrew on Monday questioned the legality of a lawsuit that claimed he sexually assaulted an underage girl decades ago, saying his complaint was the subject of an agreement by secret settlement. whom he alleged was assaulted by a sex offender. Jeffrey Epstein.

The prince’s lawyer also told a federal judge in Manhattan that he is challenging statements by plaintiffs’ attorneys, Virginia Giuffre, that Prince Andrew was legally brought to trial in England in late August.

“We have serious concerns about the relevance of this trial,” Prince Andrew’s lawyer Andrew Breitler said during the teleconference hearing.

“We believe this is a baseless, unsustainable and potentially illegal lawsuit,” Breitler said.

But Judge Lewis Kaplan immediately cut Brettler off, saying Monday’s hearing was “not an opportunity” to discuss the legal validity of Giuffre’s trial.

Giuffre’s attorney, high-profile litigator David Bois, told Kaplan he believed Prince Andrew had been properly served on the lawsuit by a bailiff, who complained to a police officer with a copy of the royal in August. was left outside the residence. After 27 years, authorities initially refused to accept the document.

But Boise told Kaplan he would decide, within a week’s time, to ask the judge to order other means to legally serve the complaint on the Duke of York, such as in civil suits. is required. These means could include a judge ordering that a foreign national be prosecuted under a provision of US law.

Prince Andrew, who is the son of Queen Elizabeth, is said to actively try to avoid being served with the costume.

Earlier Monday, Brettler filed an opinion that he was acting as Prince’s attorney in the case, which Giuffre, one of Epstein’s many accusers, filed in August. The lawyer said in the document that he would challenge the jurisdictional trial.

Giuffre claims the Duke of York sexually assaulted her two decades ago in New York, London and the US Virgin Islands when she was young, and in the clutches of Prince Epstein’s friend and the accused buyer of Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell.

His lawsuit alleges that Giuffre was “regularly abused by Epstein and loaned out for sexual purposes by Epstein to other powerful men.”

Giuffre’s lawsuit says “she was also forced to have sex with the accused, Prince Andrew, Duke of York. [Epstein’s] And the direction of Maxwell.

Prince Andrew has denied Giuffre’s allegations and says he has no recollection of meeting them, despite there being a photograph showing them smiling and standing next to each other like Maxwell little by little close up in the background. But we see him smile.

Brettler told the judge on Monday he believed any claim by Giuffre against Prince – and other potential defendants – could be blocked by a previously signed settlement agreement, which was filed in federal court in Manhattan. The other is under the seal imposed by the judge.

Brettler asked Boise to hand over the document to him to verify if this belief was true.

Boise in turn opposed the request, saying he disputes Breitler’s characterization of the significance of the Prince Andrew settlement agreement, arguing that it was premature for the prince’s lawyer to ask proofs. , while he still maintained that the lawsuit had not been served legally.

Kaplan has not ruled on the request, saying another federal judge has yet to decide whether the document can be sealed.

“He’s responsible… and we’ll leave it to him,” Kaplan said, referring to the other judge.


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