Sam Wallace’s terrible encounter with a kitesurfer

The terrifying encounter of Sam Wallace and his son Brando with a kitesurfer. Video / Sam Wallace

Coast host Sam Wallace shared a hair-raising moment when a kitesurfer approached a few feet from their young son as the couple were strolling on a blustery beach near their North Coast home.

The video shared by the radio star shows a kiteboarder flying at high speed above the surface of the water before a gust of wind sends it flying through the air – and over the head of his young son Brando.

“Just a relaxed stroll on the peninsula,” Wallace wrote alongside the video, “and a magician blew us away!”

Young Brando was overjoyed to see the show, watching the air show with enthusiasm before running off to share the experience with his equally impressed father.

The stunt of the contest flew over the head of young Brando.  Photo / Sam Wallace
The stunt of the contest flew over the head of young Brando. Photo / Sam Wallace

“Omgoosh was close,” wrote one fan online.

Others have described the stunt as “epic” and “pure excitement”.

But some were not so convinced, with one saying the stunt was “too dangerous”.

“So walking down the street or driving your car,” wrote one reviewer, adding that the joy on Brando’s face was “priceless.”

It’s been a big year for Wallace and his growing family as he and his fiancee Sarah Bowman welcomed twins Cosette and Sienna in January.

The girls arrived safely but ahead of schedule, and Wallace admitted there were “ups and downs” after the birth.

“One of the girls started to put on a bit of weight, so we had to do some force-feeding, which did the trick.

“The girls are doing incredibly well,” he said in January.

Wallace also admitted this year that it was a challenge to distinguish early on.

“If they’re both in front of me, it’s easy because of the size difference,” she told NZ Women’s Weekly in March.

“Sienna is shorter and her features are nicer. Cosette is a little rounder. Even if it gets more and more difficult now that Sienna starts to hold Cosette. It was much more evident when they were born. But if I just got one and someone asks me which one is it, half the time, I don’t know.



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