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Another great movie that came to entertain audiences during the Sankranthi festival season was “Sarileru Nikevvaru”. Lady Superstar Vijayashanti made a comeback after 13 years with this film starring superstar Mahesh Babu and successful director Anil Ravipudi in a crazy jumpsuit. Me, Bharat, will be Mahesh’s acting film after hits like Maharshi. ‘you won’t be’ Great expectations were placed on the film. Fans are sure this toy, which arrives during the fun festival, is sure to be missed. And this toy is never before .. with an unmatched sound in the box office ring.

Bharathi (Vijayashanti), professor at Kurnool Medical College, is a very honest and honest person. Mistakes never succeed. His eldest son is immortalized for the country while serving in the military. The second son also remains in the army and is injured in an operation and is among the dead. Owaipu’s daughter is engaged. As Bharti must await the arrival of his son in the army, such sad news must be transmitted. Major Ajay (Maheshbabu) is married by moral obligation. Army officials send this news to Kurnool. Bharti is already embroiled in a controversy over the murder of his cousin Ravi by Nagendra (Prakash Raj), a local minister from Kurnool. His family is running for his life. How Ajay saved Bharti from the mighty Nagendra in this sequence. The rest of the story is about how he changed the minister by solving this murder mystery.

Superstar Mahesh Babu has once again shown his magic on screen. As always, with his seductive looks and his acting game, he kept the audience in suspense. Not only entertaining with comedic timing, Mahesh also dusted off the action part. Mahesh entertained with her own performance in the entrance scene, Tamanna with energetic footsteps in ‘Dong Dong Song’, Army Operation Scene .. Massive footsteps in the song ‘Mind Blank’. He also laughs with punchy dialogue and comedic streak in the train travel scenes on Fastop. The action portion of the interval shot scene at Kondareddy Buruju, Mahesh’s ‘Heroism Elevation’ shots keep fans entertained. Being Interval Bang Powerful gives fans a boost. The occasional use by Alluri Sitaramaraj of a scene from the film, reminiscent of superstar Krishna, also impresses audiences. However, Mahesh’s character gets a bit slow as it turns out the story isn’t big when it comes to the second half.

Vijayashanti Bharati, who appeared on screen much later, played the role of Mighty. His natural acting and dialogue play brought a little fullness to the film. As an honest teacher, her performance as a mother who lost her sons in the military brought respect and tears to the audience. Meanwhile, Rashmika Mandanna as the heroine entertained Mahesh with her energetic acting. Do you understand something .. I laughed with hard-hitting dialogue like ‘Impressed’ .. Rashmika who was gorgeous in the cute song ‘He is so’ .. In the song ‘Mind’ Black ‘.. You have to say that ‘she upped the glamor dose with Masiluk. Meanwhile, Prakash, who appeared in the villainous role as Minister Nagendra, enjoyed himself to the extent of his role. Although Prakash Raj impresses with his acting, Nagendra’s character takes many turns during the film’s climax. Actors like Rajendra Prasad, Kaumudi, Sangeetha, Rao Ramesh, Hariteja etc. impressed from their point of view.

Anil Ravipudi, who has achieved a string of successes directing commercial pucca films, once again shot ‘Sarileru Nikevvaru’ in its full format. He also added all the ingredients in his films. Doing comedy with hero-heroines, catchy words, punchy dialogue, he made sure every mas‌-masala element he knew was in the movie. The director, who has been successful in this regard until Fastop, feels like he took the story lightly as usual when it comes to the second half. Anil couldn’t explain why Bharti was struggling in the second half so captivating and strong. Murder Mystery Investigation ంచిన added in this movie, Nagendra Corruption behind If things like this weren’t new .. it would seem routine and boring. With Mahesh colliding with Prakash Raj early in the second half .. the villain character becomes weak.

However, while he didn’t pay much attention to the story as always, Anil focused on comedy and audience entertainment. The scene, which pays homage to the soldier who sacrificed his life for the country, brings tears to the eyes of the mother (Vijayashanti). The dialogues explode here and there .. even if the audience whistles .. the repetition of some dialogues appears. Other times the words cachey seem to be forced. And, CM, capturing the ministers .. giving a hero a long lecture is okay .. it seems too out of logic. Even if the story is not big .. with such elements, it feels like Senkadaf was made too long with huge dialogues. However, with entertaining elements from Mahesh Fans, the action part being neat, the songs given by Devisree Prasad and the background music being a plus for the film, this wallpaper season has the potential to become a commercial artist who will entertain them. fans of superstars. The cinematography is fine and the cinematographic values ​​are rich. However, in the case of editing, cut more.

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