Some may pay thousands of dollars per month

Some may pay thousands of dollars per month

According to a Zapier survey of 2,001 American adults, more than 61 million Americans plan to start a secondary activity in 2021. And although a higher percentage of the younger generation like Millennials have returned to the secondary activity – 48%, according to Bankrate – the older generation is also trying the trend. Over a third of Gen X, 39% and 28% of baby boomers report earning extra income.

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If you’re in your 50s and ready to jump into a side gig, “there’s a lot a person over 50 can do, even with minimal skills,” says Business Bridesmaid. says Jen Glantz, Founder and CEO of For Hire. .

Here are five scramble ideas for guys in their 50s.

“You can rent your apartment”

At 50, you can have a house. Maybe you’ve even opted for a bigger or more luxurious house or apartment. Whatever the case, consider renting your space for hours, days, or weeks at a time.

“You can of course rent your apartment on Airbnb, but you can also rent your apartment with something called PeerSpace, where people can rent it out for video shoots or photo ops,” says Glantz. A site called Placer helps you rent out your space for holiday parties, workspaces, and launch events.

make a habit of selling things

By your 50s, you might have gained some tech, clothes, and housewares, some of which you can get rid of. Glantz suggests making a “habit of selling” the unused things in your life, she says. Here are three sites and apps that you can use to sell your business.

Make sure you check the fees that each site charges vendors. Mercari charges a handling fee of at least 10% of the item price plus a payment of 2.9% per sale plus $ 0.30. When you’re done selling your own items, ask your family and friends if they need help selling theirs.

Online courses are often ‘comfortable’, can generate passive income

Consider creating an online course to share the knowledge you’ve gained over decades. Expert Latasha Peterson says this lateral agitation is less. “It’s relaxing,” she said. “You can do it at home.”

Additionally, saving and downloading a course can be a way to earn passive income, because even after taking the course, you will continue to earn income as new students take it.

Consider starting an online course at sites like Udemy or Teachable, where people teach topics ranging from coding with Python for $ 24 to photography for $ 27. As always, keep a profitable model like Udemy’s revenue sharing program in mind. Instructors receive 97% of the revenue when a student purchases a course through their own referral link and 37% of the revenue from sales when no instructor coupon or referral link is used.

Instructor Chris Aarons has created over a million sales courses on business-to-business content creation and Udemy.

Good for “catching grammar mistakes”? to modify

If you love to read and are “really good at picking up grammar mistakes in people’s handwriting,” says Peterson, consider taking proofreading gigs. Sites like FlexJobs list open gigs, and you can create profiles on sites like Polished Paper, Fiverr, and Upwork to see what jobs are posted there.

According to, proofreaders earn an average of $ 26 an hour.

Sell ​​photos of local events

If you often attend local events for your kids and have a good eye for photography, consider posting your photos to sites like Snapped4U, which will help other people like busy parents upload and download them. to buy. allow. Onsite photographers charge up to $ 20 per photo. Snapped4U charges a registration fee of $ 10, plus $ 0.50 per photo for photos costing $ 5 or less, and 10% of the price on photos priced over $ 5 for US-based accounts. United.

If none of these options speak to you and you’re still on the hunt for your perfect job, “make a list of 25 skills or strengths,” Glantz says, then “just type in Google,” “How to monetize taking public speaking “,” How to monetize an organization “,” How to monetize by being a good listener “and I promise you that you will find a side activity. “

Item “5 Great Favors For People In Their 50s: Some May Pay Thousands Of Dollars Per Month” originally published on Growing Up (CNBC + Acorn).



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