Travel + Leisure launches online booking and subscriptions

Travel + Leisure launches online booking and subscriptions

Travel + Leisure Club is a new travel reservation and concierge service for members.

Travel + Leisure Group / Travel + Leisure Company.

From private jet clubs to theme park memberships, member services are booming when it comes to vacations and other leisure travel.

For example, the websites TripAdvisor and Scott’s Cheap Flights – both free to users in their basic versions – each launched premium membership plans this year that offer annual fees to pay for additional perks and access fares. specials. Eh.

Today, Travel + Leisure, which has nearly 20 resort, travel club and lifestyle travel brands, is making its mark in the space with its new online Travel + Leisure Club, which is powered by editorial content published in its signature Travel + Leisure magazine. . is connected.

According to Noah, president of Travel + Leisure, all readers will now be able to book trips to the destinations featured in the post through the new free Travel + Leisure Go platform, exclusive club member itineraries and preferential rates and benefits. . Similar bonuses will be available. Brodsky.

“When we acquired the Travel + Leisure brand in January, one of the things we heard so many times from publishers, clients and advertisers was that with this amazing content, it’s crazy that it there is no “book now” button. No, so that’s what we did, ”he said, referring to the acquisition of the brand by the former Wyndham Destinations, now Travel + Leisure Company, from Meredith Corp. in a $ 100 million deal.

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Brodsky said, “And we’ve launched a subscription travel club, which gives you access to incredible Travel + Vacation content, exclusive itineraries and publisher-inspired trips, plus great prizes and discounts. really interesting favorite benefits. “

He said subscription services are a trend across all industries, due to the content and value the model delivers to consumers.

“That’s what we’re betting on here: The Travel + Leisure is a brand that could be the most powerful player in the travel subscription arena,” said Brodsky.

The subscription costs $ 9.95 per month at a special introductory rate after the 30-day free trial period. That fee will eventually rise to $ 19.95, according to a spokesperson, but at the time of publication, there was no deadline for the price hike.

According to the company, customers get an average of 25% off retail rates at hotels and resorts, as well as member-only rates on car rentals, activities and more. The inventory includes over 600,000 properties, over 345,000 business options, and products and services from all of the major car rental companies and dozens of major airlines.

Members also receive a subscription to Travel + Leisure magazine and concierge services, which helps them with everything from home renovations inspired by the publication’s photo prints to securing show tickets and restaurant reservations. The Dining Network includes more than 1,500 restaurants in 30 countries and 120 cities, where members can receive perks such as a free glass of wine or additional meals.

Travel + Leisure Go, meanwhile, is “an open online retail travel site that combines inspiring travel stories, destination guides and curated itineraries with planning and booking tools, be it for daily adventures or a unique getaway ”. to ”, according to the company.

In recognition of Travel + Leisure Magazine’s World’s Best 2021 awards, club members and visitors to Travel + Leisure Go can book organized itineraries featuring the best destinations, hotels and activities of this year’s winners. Customizable travel experiences start at $ 1,650 for a four-day stay with accommodations, activities and ground transportation for two passengers.

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Charleston, South Carolina, was named America’s # 1 destination for 2021 by Travel + Leisure magazine.

passenger1116 | E + | Getty Images

For example, an immersive getaway to Charleston, South Carolina – voted America’s No.1 city this year – includes accommodations at the Boutique Vendue hotel, harbor navigation, and a tour of the lanes and hidden passages of the city. A stay at the Viceroy Chicago, which has been named the best city hotel in the continental United States, comes with an “exclusive VIP” tour of the Art Institute of Chicago and an “early access private experience” at the Field Museum of Natural History.

Further afield, Travel + Leisure also offers itineraries from the best Mexican resort Viceroy Riviera Maya to Playa del Carmen and Florence, Italy, one of the top 10 cities in the world. Brodsky said that as the pandemic will hopefully subside, more overseas routes will be added.

“In the coming months, we will be adding more global destinations, but we have added more in the United States because we know consumers feel more comfortable traveling within the country,” said he declared.

“These newly organized itineraries are a tangible way to have the ‘best in the world’ experience, while connecting us to the world and nurturing our fundamental human desire to make authentic and extraordinary travel experiences accessible to all,” said Jackie Gifford, Editor-in-Chief. chief. Travel + Leisure, in a press release.

It’s really about expanding our mission of keeping the world on vacation, with different clients in a different segment of leisure travel.

Noah Brodsky

President of the Travel + Leisure Group

Brodsky agreed.

“Travel + Leisure has done such a good job in 50 years that writing such incredibly inspiring content, and even going on a family trip, can be inspiring,” he said. “With any type of trip and wherever you’re willing to go, there is something amazing, and we’ve listed them all in one place – and club members can really enjoy incredible savings and service. additional concierge services. are going.”

For now, Club and Go are both available online – at and respectively – but mobile apps are on the way, Brodsky said. Club members can also book itineraries over the phone with a concierge service.

There are plans for Travel + Leisure’s advisory board of “A-list” travel agents, Brodsky said, even as the company moves into the travel planning and booking space. (The publication is known for producing an annual list of travel consultants specializing in various destinations and activities around the world.)

“I think that indicates that people take all kinds of trips,” he said, noting that vacation planning covers the gamut from simple DIY web searches to life-saving projects. Best price in all ways to organize expensive trips. “Wherever you want, need or need great advice from one of the world’s best travel consultants.”

“And that’s where the A-list comes in,” Brodsky said, noting that the club’s concierge will offer referrals to specialist agents. “We fully see that the Travel + Leisure brand in continuity will support this.”

Preferred placement will not be available in Travel + Leisure Company’s Virasat Wyndham destination vacation property portfolio. “Travel + Leisure Group works completely independently of the managers and with the editorial content of Travel + Leisure,” said Brodsky.

While his team plans to book itineraries based on the magazine’s editorial calendar, Brodsky said, “We have no influence on where they write or choose a hotel, cruises or experiences. “” There is no crossing within the site.

“We are already a major player in the areas of the leisure travel industry in which we were already,” he said. “It’s really about expanding our mission to put the world on vacation, with different clients in a different segment of leisure travel. “



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